The List (part 2)

Things I Want In A Man
compiled from the ages of 17-21
  1. confident but humble
  2. him to pray
  3. some musical connection
  4. a gentleman
  5. nice
  6. polite
  7. have a good relationship with his parents, mother especially
  8. for him to look at my eyes
  9. be a leader
  10. search after God
  11. good personal hygine
  12. determined to live a holy life
  13. handsome
  14. a good listener
  15. taller than me
  16. not a talker or player
  17. unselfish
  18. funny
  19. can be silly
  20. will protect me emotionally and physically
  21. isn’t disrespectful
  22. not a backstabber
  23. mature
  24. wise
  25. 1 Corinthians 13 love
  26. affectionate
  27. ticklish (negotiable)
  28. deals well with and is slow to anger
  29. not stupid
  30. likes my family
  31. is honest
  32. will like me despite my family issues/rules. I want him to think I’m worth it. I want him to pursue me and not give up.
  33. isn’t a workaholic
  34. keeps his promises
  35. has good judgement
  36. does not wear make up!
  37. must me more willing to do God’s will than his own
  38. optimistic
  39. trustable
  40. thinks up nice things to do and does them
  41. doesn’t take things too personally
  42. sensitive toward others
  43. fun to be around
  44. has a generally pleasant demeanor
  45. doesn’t smoke
  46. knows when something is wrong
  47. comforts you when you need it
  48. sees beauty in things and enjoys them
  49. wants to see the world
  50. not too attatched to money
  51. not horribly hairy
  52. good with kids and likes them

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