Call for Guest Bloggers! and also a correction…

I have a correction to make. You know my last post, the one about the free cards from Snapfish? Well, it’s actually from shutterfly. I didn’t even realize my mistake until I started getting Facebook messages saying “hey, Rachel, you keep referring to Snapfish, but all of the links are actually for shutterfly.” Oops!

The hilarious part is that the company (shutterfly) “read” my post and approved it for the 50 free cards. Ummm…

So please know that the whole “50 free cards for Bloggers” deal is, indeed, from shutterfly. Also know that they aren’t going to read your post, so you don’t need to bother writing the 150 words or whatever they want you to. 😉

My goal this week is to post a LOT of reviews and giveaways. I want them all up before December 1st! This is going to be hard work since I barely get online at all during the day (thanks to the toddler always attached to my leg and the baby always attached to my arm or other body parts) and am too tired at night (gee, don’t know why that may be!)…but I am determined. So check back every day for good things–and I have a LOT of good things ready to share!

Also, I am looking for guest bloggers to feature during December. If you are taking the “handmade pledge” this Christmas and creating any gifts, decorations, or anything else this holiday season, let me know! I want to post your DIY tutorial with instructions and photos to help inspire the rest of us to have a Simple Christmas! Spread the word–I will also include a link to your own blog if your submission is accepted. 🙂 Email your guest blog to: LifeMoreSimply (at)

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