What Kind of Diapers Do YOUR Baby Wear?

What does your baby wear, and why?

7 thoughts on “What Kind of Diapers Do YOUR Baby Wear?

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  1. A mix of natural fiber fitteds and prefolds, covered by wool. We keep one or two PUL covers like Bummis Super Brites, Thirsties or Fishnoodles in each size for when that is needed, and 4-5 one-size pocket diapers (Baby Kangas) as well.


  2. We use prefolds with Thirsty's covers at home during the day. For overnight and outings we use our 7 Bum Genius and 3 FuzzyBunz. The FB's are my fave! I just discovered them! They're pricey but worth it! Very well fitting for small babies- the BG's are way too big for my 8lb boy. And the velcro hasn't held up as well as I had hoped (we used them with our first and he was out of diapers at 2 yrs. So when I can afford to, I will but more Fuzzy Bunz!


  3. Those cost estimates really don't seem accurate to me, and it makes me wonder how much of that video is simply propaganda. Especially since an internet search didn't really pull up any facts or studies proving that those chemicals in the small amounts have been proven harmful to babies.

    We sat down and figured this out. We spend approximately $43 a month on disposable diapers and this includes extra garbage costs factored in. It does not include the coupons we usually use. Every load of laundry we do, including drying in the dryer, costs us $1.25 in water, electricity, and depreciation. If you figure doing a load of diapers every other day, you're still running about equal cost. Once you factor in how much our time is worth based on hourly earnings as well as the coupons available for disposables, the cost of cloth diapers far exceeds what we spend on disposables.

    Simply, in our household, there is more money than time.


  4. i use gdiapers with gcloth and homemade cloth and zorb(for nighttime) inserts. i came across gdiapers in '05 when my daugher was about 6 mos. didnt really have any idea about cloth diapers and such but i really liked the hybrid idea. used them from then on for her and then when baby #2 came along, did the same until they came out with gcloth, which i now love. i use cloth exclusively except when camping i use the flushies. i think if we happen to have another kid i may dabble in some bum genious or other brand just for the heck of it. and with the HE frontloader washing machine, costs hardly anything to wash and take care of cloth. I love it!


  5. To smoore2213, WOW how do you only spend $43 a month on diapers??? I need to take shopping lessons from you I think:) The off brands don't fit properly on my LO so he has to wear Huggies and they aren't that cheap. It costs about $75 a month in disposables plus about another $10 in wipes for us if we were to use only disposable diapers. That's based on the average of 25 cents per diaper (size 1 is cheaper and size 5 is more expensive) and changing him approx 10 times a day (some days it's less some days it's more, especially when he's dirtied them right after I changed him). SO that equals to $1020 a year plus tax… We use cloth about 85% of the time now and I bought a really nice good stash of fuzzi bunz, applecheeks, and AMP diapers for about $650, this will last him until potty training and we will be able to reuse them for the next baby. I do diapers 3 times a week, it costs me about $1 a load including soap (I hang to dry) so that's $3 a week! That's only $156 in washing a year! I think that is saving money. Plus when I'm done with the diapers I can resell them and make at least $150 back even if they have been used for multiple children.


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