Barefoot Books 30% off + Free Shipping (Collaberative Order)

I’m putting together a collaborative Barefoot Books order so that everyone interested can get a big discount and FREE shipping! I just recently learned of their beautiful books and educational materials and am so very excited. These look like fabulous products for both the home and school—and I’m thinking will make perfect gifts for Christmas, upcoming birthdays, and baby showers in the next year!

Here are the details:

1) Check out the store by clicking the banner above. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THE STORE. If you order through the store, you won’t get the discount.

2) Make a list of everything you want with the item names, prices, and quantity.

3) Fill out this form here to get more information and order: CLICK HERE

Our order must be placed on December 1st, so please pass the word about this so that we can get enough orders to get the discount and free shipping in time for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Books 30% off + Free Shipping (Collaberative Order)

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  1. I've tried several times to contact you regarding a giveaway I won on your blog almost 2 months ago. Are you getting my emails? Please check your junk mail box. I just sent another one this morning. If you don't get it, please contact me

    matt4melis at hotmail dot com



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