The Organic Woombie Review & Giveaway

The Woombie is an infant swaddler made with soft and eco-friendly fabrics that’s VERY easy to use. They’ve been making headlines in the mainstream “baby” market, and we were lucky enough to snag one for a review and giveaway on Life More Simply! If you aren’t to familiar with the idea of swaddling an infant or of what the Woombie is all about, read what they say on their website at

Why Swaddle My Baby?
Swaddling is performed for many different reasons. Most importantly, it prevents the Startle Reflex, caused by a immature nervous system. By 6 months of age, most babies outgrow their need to be swaddled and can sleep “arms free”. Other reasons for swaddling include a feeling of comfort and warmth when arms and legs are gently confined to the body’s “core” as in the womb, where they spent 9 months growing. Babies also lack finer motor skills and hand/mouth coordination for the first few months of life, making self soothing nearly impossible- and many times, very frustrating after multiple attempts. Swaddling helps to cease the urge of “busy hands” from traveling to the mouth and face where scratching and Rooting can occur.

Quick Facts:
  • The Woombie was created in 2006

    The Woombie is offered in 10 styles and 4 sizes

  • The Woombie is a proud winner of the PTPA Best Product 2010 Award, PTPA Award, Creative Child Award & Moms Best Award.
  • The Woombie allows for mobility and swaddle at the same time, allowing natural movement.
  • Woombie products conform to CSPIA guidelines and have been tested in a CSPIA accredited laboratory for safety and compliance.
  • Sizes should be ordered in accordance with weight, not age.
  • Rolling is a sign to stop swaddling.
  • Swaddling should always be done with baby laying on his/her back & using a sleep positioner if your Pediatrician recommends one per their specific guidelines.
  • Woombie products are made in an Eco Friendly fashion which does not cause harm to the environment. Organic and natural products are used whenever possible to maintain the health of your baby.

Our Thoughts on the “Organic” Style Woombie:
This is by far the easiest swaddler you will find. No wings or velcro to figure out how to attach–just lay the baby in, zip, and go! The organic fabric is super soft, and held up well with washings though the logo did get a little wrinkled. One thing I loved was that the chin strap part is extra soft so you don’t have to worry about it digging into the baby. The style of the swaddler is also super cute with soft, bright colors–and the company also just came out with a “delux” line of the Woombie which offers more flair by adding decorations.

Our son fit the newborn size pretty snugly at 12 pounds, which was helpful in restricting his movement. Baby Monkey started rolling over when he was 6-days-old and the Woombie really can’t be used when a baby’s on their belly, so it was nice that he couldn’t really roll over while swaddled in it. Since he does sleep much better on his belly than back, we did try the Woombie on him while laying on his belly, but he wasn’t able to lift his head very well to move around so I think their recommendation to not use on a baby who can roll is a good one. It’s important to breathe, after all!

One disadvantage to the organic style is that your baby’s arms can’t really be out if the Woombie is to stay on correctly. Since Monkey insists on sleeping with his little hands touching his face, he didn’t like full body swaddling. I have noticed that they offer a lot of other styles that allow freedom of movement for the hands, so I think that would be a better choice to go with.

Overall, I think this is a product worth investing in. It is easier and obviously stays together better than a blanket swaddle, and is so much faster and less cumbersome than other marketed baby swaddlers. While my particular child didn’t sleep as well in it because of the hands issue, I do know other babies who basically CAN’T sleep unless they’re in a Woombie! Most parents, I think, would really appreciate having one of these in their newborn’s layette.

Buy It! Visit to view their huge selection of products and colors!

Win It! The company is generously giving one of my readers a Woombie of their choosing! Please visit their website and let me know which style, color, and size you would like to have. Be sure to leave a comment for each entry and include your email address in each comment. Contest will end on or after November 1, 2010, at 7pm EST.

Extra Entries:

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 Disclosure: The Woombie sent me an organic Woombie for review. No monetary compensation was received for this post.

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