Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Coupon

I’m hungry right now. I came to work at 7am and ended up sitting at a race track for 8.5 hours instead of providing EMS for the county due to last minute staff changes. Since I’m scheduled to be covering the county now until 6pm, I am sitting here blogging when I should really be pumping. You never know when someone’s going to dial 9-1-1 and, well, wet spots on my shirt would be embarassing, so I really should be pumping now since I may have to leave at any moment. Anyway. I didn’t bring any food with me today and I haven’t gone out to buy any dinner, so I’m hungry. I did steal an ice-cream sandwich out of a big box of them in the freezer, but then I was just reading about new Milano cookies and realized that I’m still hungry. So no, they’re probably not healthy, no, they’re not organic, and no, I haven’t tried them. But just in case you’re standing in a grocery store while you read this, here’s some money saving and delicious information for you:

Pepperidge Farm just released a NEW Strawberry Milano cookie (YUM!). They describe it as a

“fab little cookie deliciously pairs luscious strawberry filling with rich, dark chocolate for an irresistible, sweet indulgence that brings a moment of satisfaction to any day.”

My own sweet summer moments? Being a SAHM for the first time, giving birth to my beautiful son, and then getting back into EMS. I would like to say that today’s sweet summer moment also involves eating cookies, but alas, I’m still hungry.

Check it out!


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