We Have the Flu–HELP!

We have the flu. Both babies and the mama…which blows my mind. My 100% breastfed baby is SICK and he’s only 6-weeks-old?! How is this possible? LoveBug never got sick until she was exactly one-year-old. I guess it’s really more of an intense upper respiratory infection plus a cough and low grade fever, but it makes you feel all achey and like a train hit you on top of the breathing problems.

Here’s what I’ve got going so far:
*humidifier with white vinegar added
*big garlic oil supplements for mom
*organic immune boosting vitamin gummy bears for LoveBug
*Cold-Eeze every two hours for mom
*Lots of fluids and rest for everyone (try nursing with a stuffy nose–not easy)
*Vicks for everyone
*Tylenol as needed

I need some help here! What else can I do for my babies that is along the “natural” line of thinking? Please share your ideas and recipes. I’ll be checking this post until we’re better and will try everything I’m able to.
 Seriously, I already missed 11 hours of work because of this and am scheduled to work 8.5 hours tomorrow. :-\ I need all the help I can get with overcoming this super bug!


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  1. Have you ever used Northern Essence Natural Vapor Rub? It's made with all natural stuff and essential oils. I rubbed it on the chests and the bottom of the kids' feet, then put thick socks on the before bed, naps, etc (or whenever for a non-mobile baby, actually), and it helps with the coughing and congestion.
    Also, whenever my kiddos are hopelessly congested, I just turn on a warm shower, seal up the bathroom, cover us with towels to stay warm even if we're damp or wet (yep, the towels get soaked) and just sit there, snuggling my babies. They usually fall asleep pretty quickly, and I can lean back in the tub with a baby on my chest, and we both breath in the steam, with the heat and warm water making muscles feel better, too.
    So sorry you all are suffering. Gabe had his first cold at a week old, and it was miserable. 😦


  2. i have read that vicks can actually make upper respitory problems worse because it can actually irritate the lining of the lungs and make a chest cold even worse. that said, my husband swears by it, but i have never used it. saline nose spray in everyones noses, followed by suction in the little ones. they hate it but it really clears out the gunk. let it sit for about 30 secs before sucking it out. it always helped clear things out. also try a nettipot for yourself. i hope this helps, i remember how it is. my oldest has had pneumonia 4 times already she is almost five, not fun when everyone is sick! lisa mawson


  3. Thanks, everyone! Lisa, that's really interesting about the Vicks and I'd be interested to read more about that. I did try the nettipot on myself for the first time–wow, I think it's like water boarding. lol. I will try letting the saline spray sit in noses before I suck it out. Maybe that will be the key!

    I've added laying my baby in a tent (using his crib and a sheet) for the humidifier to run in (water and vinegar mixture). We'll see how that works, but I think I'm taking him to the Dr. today. He's only 7-weeks-old now and has had this over a week…and it seems to be getting worse, not better!

    Ugh. :-\


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