So Easy baby food kit Review and Giveaway!

We as moms know that it’s probably better for our babies to eat homemade baby food rather than prepared or processed baby food. Unfortunately, many parents are skeptical of their ability to prepare baby food —how to do it, if they’ll have enough time, and if it’s really worth the effort. It’s all become a simple thing to understand and accomplish though, since two moms have teamed up to provide you with the “So Easy Baby Food Kit.”

In the kit, you’ll find a 22-minute DVD that will teach the auditory and visual learner everything you’ll need to know in order to make baby food. Not only are you instructed on the actual preparing of baby food, but safety, nutrition, food storage, and health are all encapsulated in the “how to make baby food” disc. I thought it provided a clear, easy to understand, and not-obnoxious way of teaching families about infant food preparation.

Secondly in the kit is a “Personalized Guide to Making Baby Food at Home” 118-page spiral bound cookbook. It covers a lot of information but isn’t at all overwhelming and even includes space for you to document the early eating and feeding memories of your baby! Contents include:

·         Feeding Memories and Fun
·         Healthy Eating Habits
·         Benefits of Home-Prepared Baby Food
·         Introducing Solid Foods
·         Dietary Essentials for Your Baby’s Diet
·         Making and Serving Fresh Baby Food
·         Kitchen Tools
·         Safety Basics
·         Food Choices
·         Fresh Baby To Go
·         Managing Your Time—30 Minutes Per Week Is All Fresh Baby Takes
·         Fresh Baby Recipes (from “the perfect start” to over 12 months)

On top of all of that, you’ll also receive two high quality freezer trays. I like these better than the ice cube trays I’ve previously used for making baby food because these have lids, and are sturdier. They are BPA and phthalate-free…and are dishwasher safe to make your life easier!  While these aren’t a necessity to making your own food, they are definitely nice to have on hand. last thing this kit includes is actually one of my favorite components: a nutrition tips card. It’s the size of a regular sheet of paper and is laminated to protect the colorful print and illustrations. Not only does it contain quick to find information about nutrients, what foods should be introduced when, and a little bit about preparation, but it even contains safety information like first aid for choking. This card should be in every parent’s kitchen if she has young children!

Overall, I think this is a great product. Many people want to prepare their own baby food but are intimidated or don’t have the time to read a book about it. The Fresh Baby food kit honestly makes it as easy as can be. It’s a great starting point, easy to understand, and nicely arranged and professional. Great for the first-time food maker or as a baby shower gift!

You’ll also want to check out their website as it’s packed with lots of information including a blog, ideas for both toddlers and babies, and downloadable free recipes.
BUY IT! Visit or Retail cost is $37.95
WIN IT! The ladies at Fresh Baby are generously giving one of my readers her own Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit. To win, please visit their website and find something interesting to share here that no one else has shared yet. You must also be a subscriber of mine somehow (Google, Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter…you know, just pick one and tell me which one so I can verifty!). Contest will end on 8/29/10 at noon, EST. You MUST leave a separate comment with a valid email address in EACH entry! If the winner lives outside of the US, she may be responsible for shipping costs. Good luck!

·         Grab an entry for each way that you follow Life More Simply: Blogger (Google Friend Connect), Feedburner, Email, Twitter, Facebook.
·         Three entries if you have my button (leave me the address)
·         One entry if you sign up for Fresh Baby’s email list
·         One entry per other current contest of mine that you’ve entered.
·         Two entries if you email 4 friends about this contest (CC “lifemoresimply(@)”)
·         One entry per tweet about this contest (max: 3 tweets per day, at least one hour apart): #win a So Easy Baby Food Kit from @LifeMoreSimply!
·         Three entries: Spread the word on a parenting forum/message board/etc. (leave the link)
 Note: this review is based on a free sample provided by Fresh Baby. The opinions are all mine and I received no other compensation.

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  1. Oohh…what a great little kit 😀 I just may have to order the Toddler book as well, I am starting my own preschool soon and could really use this!

    (Facebook and Feedburner)


  2. I love the healthy eating articles they have available. I was reading the dietary essentials for your 12-24 month old and learned that dietary fat requirement drastically reduces after age 2, but calcium requirement gradually increases through adolescence.
    And I follow you via GFC.


  3. I love the Healthy Eating for Babies section of their website where you can choose your babys age and get list of safe solids to feed them. My baby just started solids this week and this is really helpful.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com


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