I’m Back!

Guess who has the Internet now? Me! *big happy grin* We just got it in our home last week so I am slowly getting through things so I can get this blog back up and running like it’s supposed to. My apologies, dear friends, for the intense neglect you’ve been through during my absence.

On May 3, I was taken off of work (where my Internet connection was) due to pregnancy complications. Thrilling as that was since I then became a stay-at-home-mom (my dream since LoveBug was born), my blogging life came to an abrupt hault. Really, it’s not a good idea to drag a 19-month-old to the public library when you are having constant contractions, can’t breathe, and black out every time you stand up. Once we realized I was very anemic (my hemoglobin was a 9), I began to use an iron supplement which helped the breathing/fainting symptoms a tremendous amount, but the testy toddler dilemma remained the same. 😀

Fast forward to July 3: baby Monkey arrived! It was a beautiful but intense birth which left me feeling really great (for someone who had just given birth, that is) and with a handsome little man added to our family. (The next post will most likely be his birth story, so stay tuned!).

Now: Monkey is 4-weeks-old and doing quite well. I am losing my mind, but that is still another post.

Coming Soon: I have a list of things I need to do with this blog to get it back together. My first task was to delete the insane amount of emails from my inbox that have nothing to do with Life More Simply. I started with almost 2,000 emails to sift through (fun, right? Not so much.), but finished that task in only two days (keep in mind I have a toddler attached to my leg while nursing an infant at almost all times. Things take a lot longer now.). Now that I’m done with the deletion process, my next goal is to make sure everyone who has won a prize here actually GETS it. Yeah, I’m embarrassed to admit that not everyone who won something from the Baby Mama Shower has gotten her goods yet. And in every case except for one, it’s my fault. Things should be much easier now that I have a way to send names and addresses on to companies. 🙂 Following the catch up from that, I’ll finish posting Baby-Mama reviews and more giveaways…and then by the time that is done (a few weeks?), I’m looking to revamp some stuff here including two major competition events and regular posting topics!

Leave me some love in the mean time. Believe me, I need it. Feel free to also leave me some tips on coping with no sleep and how to manage a home, an infant, and a 21-month-old all at the same time!!!! AHHHH!!! ❤

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