Kelly’s Closet and DiaperShops Discount Codes

Just heard word from Kelly’s Closet  and DiaperShops about the following deals…

Here is the list! Have fun and remember there is a limit of 1 code per order. (You can use more than one code but you would need to place multiple orders.)

*Free shipping on your entire order with a $10 purchase of bumGenius,Flip,or Econbum. Use code BGFLIP . (Excludes bumGenius detergent). Coupon can expire at anytime.

*Take 10% off all Rumparooz. Use code PN042010

*Free one-size cloth diaper with a $25 purchase. Use code PGNBMAY Exp. 7/1/2010

*Free shipping on your entire order when you purchase $20 or more of GroVia brand. Use code GROVIAPROMO

*Free one-size cloth diaper with $25 purchase. Use code OSMOTPROMO Exp.7/15/2010

*Buy 5 bumGenius 3.0 one size diapers, get 1 free. See website for details.

Rules for coupons: Sorry, NO previous or pending orders discounted. No exceptions. Limit 1 code per order.

…and if none of these strike your fancy, be sure to check out Diaper Junction. They always have great deals and I get like a 5% commission (store credit), so I’m always happy when someone clicks on my link and orders from them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Closet and DiaperShops Discount Codes

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  1. I just realized I accidentally entered an old giveaway because I was looking at July 2009 instead of 2010! Oh well…

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts so far – I too am a full-time-working yet also breastfeeding/clothdiapering/bedsharing mother. Most of the blogs I've found who do one don't do the other and it's great to get a perspective on the crunchy stuff from someone who's not doing it as a stay at home mom. The “Rocking Mama” post really hit home as I am the same – I feel like I ought to feel guilty for not teaching my 13 month old daughter to fall asleep on her own, but the time that she'll let me help her sleep is so short, I'm enjoying it while it's here!


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