Charlie’s Soap Review & Giveaway

Charlie’s Soap Review and Giveaway

My first experience with Charlie’s Soap was shortly after we started using cloth diapers. We tried using a Tide detergent for them and sure enough, pretty soon our diapers were leaking. After stripping them, we bought a jug of Charlie’s Liquid Soap and have never looked back. I had the awesome opportunity to not just try their liquid soap (of which my own jug had recently run out), but also to use their powdered soap and all purpose sprayer. After thoroughly testing each of these products, I can say without a doubt that I think this may be one of the best cleaning agents out there. The folks over at Charlie’s have figured out what they’re doing and it works!

Liquid and Powdered Laundry Soap are both very easy to use and very economical (as all of their products are). There is hardly any odor to begin with (you really have to take a big whiff of the liquid soap to smell anything, and this is coming from a pregnant lady), and none once your clothing has been rinsed. The best part is that the detergent really does rinse clean and doesn’t cause any build up on diapers in particular—so everything stays fresh and absorbent! It is also true that you don’t need to use any fabric softeners when using Charlie’s Soap on your laundry. Now, I’m probably going too far here, but I have even stopped putting stain remover on clothing unless it’s a particularly bad stain and haven’t had any problems with my clothes coming out clean. I love this soap because it 1) actually cleans all of my laundry so I don’t need three different detergent brands, 2) is affordable, and 3) takes up very little space because you’re using very little soap per load of wash. I think everyone should try Charlie’s Laundry Soap, especially if you’re sensitive to regular laundry detergents, have little ones, or use cloth diapers. Or if you just like plain old clean laundry.

All Purpose Sprayer first time we “tested” this product was on tile. My husband had just finished tiling a bathroom floor for some friends of ours and needed a way to remove the extra grout from the tiles themselves. I brought him the Charlie’s Soap spray bottle with a rag and whola! It cleaned the grout from the tiles with no problem whatsoever. My husband was really impressed since it’s a gentle and non-toxic product. Overall, it saved him a lot of time and effort—and kept him from having to breathe in scary chemicals!

I’ve also used the All Purpose Sprayer on carpet stains, to clean objects, and to scrub our bathroom. It smells…well, soapy. No fancy scents are added or anything, so you just get a soapy smell when using it. I like that both my toddler and I can breathe the fumes without worry, and that I don’t have to freak out if she gets it on her hands as she “helps” me clean something. I didn’t find that it worked any better than any other product for these purposes, but it does the job and creates bubbles which is always fun if you’ve got a little person who’s watching.

Overall, I think these are great products and I’m actually planning on switching all of my laundry to using the powdered soap just because it does such an awesome job, is affordable, and then I only have one soap to sit on my shelf instead of multiple ones. I just heard word that Charlie’s Soap is going to be changing their packaging very soon, too. Check it out:

From The Company…

Coming in just a month or so, our Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder gets a much needed facelift. The new jar will be air-tight to avoid any clumping, will ship, store, stack and show much better than the bag. But we’ll keep our commitment to being friendly to the Earth. This new container will be recyclable and reusable. Shortly after its release, we will make available an easy-open 4 gallon container which is tailor-made for refilling stations! Customers can bring back their Charlie’s Soap jar and get them refilled at your store. You can’t get much Greener than that!

Buy It! Visit,, or your favorite “green” or natural parenting store.

Win It! Charlie’s is giving away to one of my readers the same soap pack that they sent to me (All Purpose 16 oz sprayer, 16 loads of Laundry Liquid, 80 loads of Laundry Powder)! You will love it and it’ll last you a while, for sure. To enter, please visit , learn something interesting (it isn’t hard), and come back and tell me your fact. Be sure to leave your email address and a separate comment for each entry! Contest will end on or after June 15th at 1200 hours, EST.

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This review is based on sample products provided by Charlie’s Soap. No other compensation was received.

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  1. First time you use it, run an empty load (or perhaps some old rags) with the recommended amount of Charlie's Soap.
    This will clear your washing machine of any residue left by previously used detergents and keep them from redepositing on your clothes.

    heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com


  2. Learned Charlie's Soap started from Charlie working at a yarn company and needing a soap to clean the yarn with, he made it himself


  3. I think it's cute that they have a kid's science fair project results on their site – although it clearly shows that Charlie's soap is excellent at removing stains from carpet (I think I need to get some of this!).

    jdeemarie @


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