Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway

Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway
Rockin’ Green Soap is a powdered laundry detergent used for cleaning cloth diapers (well, and other clothes, too). Newer on the market, a lot of cloth diaper users still haven’t tried it and I must say that you are missing out on one of their key features: the scent. Who would have thought you could use a scented detergent for your diapers?!
The first thing I noticed about Rockin’ Green is their advertising. Really, the graphics are great and it does make you want to try their product. This psychology major though, knows to not rely on the picture alone, so I was glad when they agreed to send me a sample to try.

When I opened the box the soap was in, I was a little dissapointed that their product packaging wasn’t to the same caliber as their website’s marketing. This could be because I was only sent a small packet to sample though, so I’m guessing their full sized products come in something other than a zip-loc type baggie. 🙂 Really, though, the smell of the package overcame any aesthetics. I’ve never used a scented detergent to clean my diapers in, so I was feeling very luxerious when I got to put something that smells GOOD into my washing machine! I was able to test the “fresh linen” scent and thought it was pretty awesome. The nice thing is that while your washing machine smells good when you use Rockin’ Green, it really does rinse out of your clothing so you’re left with nothing but the smell of clean clothes (or diapers) when everything’s done. We all know how important a clean rinsing detergent is!

Some things I learned about the detergent is that it does clean your diapers and clothes well, but you do need to use the suggested amount. I didn’t use enough when I first washed a load of diapers and so had to re-wash them with more Rockin’ Green. The detergent doesn’t bubble up like commercial ones that cmtain bubbling agents. Don’t be misled by this–you don’t need bubbles to get things clean!

What they say about Rockin’ Green…

Dye free
Comes in 11 yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin)
No fillers
No enzymes or optical brighteners
100% Phosphate free
Great for sensitive skin
Easy rinsing formula
Approved for military use
Works wonders on microfiber stink!
Perfect for cloth diapers
HE compatible
Reusable packaging
Great for all water types (in fact, they make three different formulas for different water types)
Economical at .13 cents a load!

Buy It! Rockin’ Green is economical with a bag of 45/90 (meaning, it contains enough soap for either 45 regular loads or 90 HE loads) only costing $13.95 with shipping as low as $1.00. You can also sample scents and buy powdered pail freshener from them as well! Visit

Win It! One lucky winner will receive a classic Rockin’ Green 45/90 bag in the scent of your choice. To enter, you need to visit their website and tell me what scent you’d like to try. Be sure to leave an email address and SEPARATE comment for each entry. Contest will end on or after May 7th, 2010 at noon, EST.

Extra Entries:
*Blog about this contest or tell people about it through a parenting forum (2 entries)
*Subscribe to or follow me (each different way = 1 entry; Blogger, Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
*Fav me on Technorati or otherwise vote me up somewhere
*Grab the Baby-Mama Shower button (2 entries)
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*Have another great idea to spread the word? Do it and tell me how you did!

Rockin’ Green provided me with the test samples and contest prize for this post. No other compensation was received.

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