An Empty Room

There’s a lot of interesting things that I’ve wanted to write about lately. I just haven’t. I’ve spent my time working on other things like, well, work (after all, I am squeezing my blog time into my work day), getting last minute companies lined up for the Mama-Baby Shower, and basically feeling sorry for myself because my house is a disaster, I’m exhausted, and the regular strain of the reversed gender roles my husband and I are in with our employment situation continues. :-\ Ugh. Enough about me, though. Here are my promises of an interesting and helpful future for you:

APRIL: Baby-Mama Shower coming up with a HUGE number of participating businesses and giveaways! Don’t miss it! Grab some extra entries now by clicking HERE!

MAY: I think it’ll be time to start the oh-so-awesome-and-needed Organize My House! Challenge. Basically, for anyone who needs to get her house into organized shape but thinks that Fly Lady is crazy, this is for you. All you’ll need is a blog and 15 minutes a day. If you join up, that also makes you eligable to win some fantastic prizes, prestige, and (of course) get your house in order. All of this because I love you…and because I need to get my house in order. Desparately.

JUNE: continuation of the Organize My House! Challenge plus the usual extremely interesting posts and giveaways that I do.

JULY: photos and birthing story of my beautiful son whom I *hope* will be born on July 4th.

Until tomorrow though, I will leave you with this reminder to always be delighted by an empty room…

LoveBug, my 16.5-month-old daughter loves her pink sweater with yarn animals and decorations knitted/embroidered into the fabric. At her request, she got to run around wearing a cloth diaper and her pink sweater the other night. Daddy had just finished clearing out our mud room-turned-dining room (in process, as you can see) and LoveBug could not WAIT to get into that empty room and twirl and dance across the floor. She did this until spotting a place up on some drywall where she could sit. With eager eyes, she motioned to please be placed up on that ledge, so Daddy carefully set her up there. Met with smiles, LoveBug sat oh so proudly and elegantly as I took some photos.
beautiful girl.
showing her teeth!
kisses for Daddy.

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