I know, I’m supposed to be telling you about safe eating things for babies and kids. I will, I promise. In the mean time, though, there’s a lot on my mind. Long story shortened, my husband was basically offered a job today. This is a big deal as he’s been looking for steady employment ever since we graduated with our bachelor degrees almost two years ago. The problem is that while this job would pay well and allow for me to be at home with our babies, it would sacrifice our time as a family.

The job would require for him to be gone for one month after accepting employment. After that, he would be bussed a state away for 16 days at a time. During that time, he’d live at a work camp doing hard labor for 16-18 hours a day. He would then be bussed home for 5 days, and then back for 16 more.

He wants to provide for his family and he wants to make enough money that we aren’t struggling. He also wants to be a father and husband that’s around, though. He wants to be there for the birth of his son in July. He wants to spend time with his beautiful daughter who is almost 16-months-old. This lifestyle-job wouldn’t allow for this, really.

My husband has to call and let the company know his decision within the next few days. If he says “no, this isn’t for us,” then there is a chance he could be hired by another natural gas company that would have a better work schedule and be local. This same hiring agency will be doing hiring for other gas companies who would have better work schedules in a few weeks, and they told my husband that they would put his resume in the top of the pile of applicants if he was interested in that instead.

Oh, so many things to think about.


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  1. Wow decisions to make. It is hard when your spouse is away for so long! Cathy just wrote a blog about it too!
    Her husband travels alot for business and was away now for 2 weeks. But when he did come back he spent some real quality time with the kids and the wife! She has made it into a postive part of their life! My husband goes to his military service once a year – for about 30 days – that is tough too!
    good luck to both of you!


  2. Wow. Hard decisions. But, it sounds like he would have a good chance at the next set of jobs, right? I would be inclined to wait. I know I wouldn't want my husband away that much if there were another alternative. But, it's understandable that he's been looking for work for a long time, so you don't want to miss an opportunity. Really tough. I will be praying for the four of you.


  3. That is a hard one. I wouldn't want to be gone from my family that much, but he's been looking such a long time, then there is this other opportunity… I will be praying for you =)


  4. In m opinion and experience, no amount of money is worth sacrificing family time. These are years you'll never get back. Good luck with your very tough decision.


  5. I too agree with Nancy. I would definitely wait on the next set of jobs and keep praying. Family time is much more important especially because your little one and one to soon come will be so young. Crystal


  6. My husband was also offered an out of town job a while back. The pay would have been nice but we decided against it. But his offer was a 1 year term so he could only come home if we wanted to spend the money on plane tickets every weekend…which would have worked out to not making any extra money at all. I say wait , and hope he gets the next , in town job..


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