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A few months ago, I had the opportunity to review a set of reusable snack bags from snackTAXI. Started in 2003 by a mom who realized her family was eating over 500 sandwhiches a year–packed in disposable Ziploc bags–this company has grown to now supply their bags online and in many stores in the US and Canada. One cool thing about them is that they keep things local; the bags are all sewn in their home based workshop right in MA!
My Thoughts
The snackTAXI sandwhich bag has two layers (cotton/nylon) and reminds me of an envelope as it’s open only at one end, unlike the Wrap-N-Mat. A hook and loop fixture keeps the bag closed, and it works well as I’ve never had my bags open up unexpectedly. I do think it’d be nicer to have a longer piece of velcro on the bag, though, as you can’t stuff the bag full and still allow it to close.

The prints are super fun, and snackTAXI even offers a make-your-own one that your child can color on to decorate and personalize! They’ve also expanded their line to include produce bags and cloth napkins which I think is great–and which I also need. 😉 Back to the bags, though. I used them to store sandwhiches, pretzels, and even cheese with no problem. Nothing got stale, even when the cheese was stored in the bag indefinitely in our fridge! It was easy to get the food into and out of the bag, too, which was nice. I was a little worried about cleaning the bag since it’s only open at one end, but I found that if something was sticking inside, all I needed to do was fill up the bag with warm water and soap, let it sit for a little bit, and then the mess came off real easy. The bags are also very durable and are showing no signs of wear even after months of use!

From their website…
What materials are used to make snackTAXIs? exterior of a snackTAXI is comprised of 100% cotton. The manufacturer from which we order most of our cotton has had their material tested and found that it is free of lead and phthalates. We are considering ordering all of our cotton from this manufacturer in the future.

SnackTAXIs are lined with a waterproof material that consists of nylon with a polyurethane coating. After talking to many manufacturers of this product, we understand that this type of coated nylon is free of heavy metals and phthalates. We have found a supplier of this coated nylon who has had their product extensively tested. The tests revealed that the nylon is free of heavy metals (including lead), phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs.

Honestly, I think re-usable snack and sandwhich bags are something that everyone should have. It saves a LOT of money overall, they’re more durable than plastic bags, and it’s a lot less trash in the landfills. Not that I know much about plastics, but I’m also thinking that nylon is safer than the plastic-baggie plastics out there! The cost for a sandwhich bag at snackTAXI ranges from $4.95-$8.95, and a snack bag from $4.95-$6.95. For my family, this is a bit pricey, but I still think it’s worth it. Me? I’d shop the clearance section once in a while, and build a collection of bags over time. One or two bags per person in the family should be just fine!

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Win It! snackTAXI is giving one of my readers both a snack and sandwhich bag! Leave a comment below with your best food-saving tip that is also SAFE (meaning, you can’t tell me you microwave your plastic dishes to kill bacteria before you reuse them). Be sure to include an email address and a seperate comment for each entry! Contest ends March 12th at noon, EST.

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Of course, this review was based on free product samples from snackTAXI. I didn’t receive any other compensation, but if you’d like to send me a donation, I will gladly accept.

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  1. Personally I like the Mod Swirls Snack Sack. It is crazy how many bags my husband and I go through and we don't even have kid yet! I think my sister (and her 2 boys) would love to have these bags so I'm going to pass this along to them, or head to a store and check out what they have (there are 2 in my arena!).


  2. This was on my list of things to get soon. With my daughter starting school I know these will come in handy. Wrapping cheese in Aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap not only keeps the cheese fresh much longer because it doesn't sweat, but it also can be recycled. I like the little princess print. Crystal W.


  3. I just started using Abeego washable, reusable wraps for food containers. They are natural, reusable food wraps made from a hemp/cotton fabric which is infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts. It sure beats using aluminum foil or plastic wrap! (Before Abeego, I'd cover containers in the fridge that didn't have lids with a plate.) Thanks for this giveaway!

    lmarston AT yahoo DOT com


  4. If we have something in the fridge that is not going to get eaten, then I put it in freezer safe containers and freeze it. I also freeze all of the heels of bread and make stuffing or breadcrumbs out of them when I get enough. I just can't stand throwing away the heel and no one will eat it.

    nancy at 513ventures dot com


  5. I label foods for the freezer with dates so that I use up the oldest items first. I also have a list of what's in the freezer so that I can use what I have and not buy duplicates.


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