Holey Donuts prize pack and $250.00!

Holey Donuts is giving away a huge prize pack to one lucky reader! It includes their February Love Assortment consisting of 4 boxes of their latest, best selling, super yummy Holey Donuts! Low Fat Treats and $250 Holey Donuts! store credit good for 1 year.
Click HERE to fill out the entry form. You must put “Life More Simply Blog” in the subject box or your entry will NOT count! It’s also not a bad idea to mention “Life More Simply” again in the subject box and that you want to win their blogger contest. 🙂 Note that by filling out the form, you will be joining the Holey Donuts! mailing list to get special offers, free shipping, super private discount codes and to be entered into this fantastic contest! Please only fill out the form once per email address.
Please enter! I want YOU to win, because when you win, I do, too!
Keep your eyes peeled…I’ll be releasing a special way for my Facebook fans to earn an extra entry into this contest. Become a fan now so that you won’t miss out!
And just in case you couldn’t wait until February 28th to try some donuts or cinnamon rolls…
Tomorrow there will be a 1 day, 24 hour sale you wont want to miss! All Holey Donuts! yummy Low Fat Gourmet Donuts will be only $5.99 per assortment!!!! (Regular prices are from $11.95 – $18.95).These prices are so low your shipping may actually cost more than the donuts! What a deal!! We want you to see how amazing these LOW FAT donuts are that we are willing to offer this below cost special!
With this super low one time offer there will be a strict limit of 5 boxes (assortments) MAXIMUM. Please do not order more than 5 or we will not be able to accept your order. The demand will be huge and we want to satisfy everyone. The usual minimum purchase of three assortments will apply, but can you imagine only paying $5.99?

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