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Post #2: Swagbucks is (in essence) a paid to search program with a twist. You do searches (just like one would use Yahoo or Google) and randomly throughout the day you’ll be rewarded with Swagbucks (which work like points). Swagbucks can be “cashed in” for rewards like giftcards to Target or (plus lots more), sports memorabilia, video games, etc. Swagbucks have no monetary value though (so there’s no option to get a check rather than buy a giftcard).

Q) Does it cost to join or receive rewards?100% free to join. I’ve only ever gotten e-giftcards (for so there was no charge whatsoever. I honestly have no idea about say, a bass guitar if they charge shipping or not.

Q) It says I need a swagcode to join. What’s that?Swagcodes are keywords that are put out by so you can earn automatic points rather than earning points by searching. You don’t need to enter anything in in order to join though.

Q) Does Swagbucks have a referral program?Yes, they do. For every referral you have, Swagbucks will match their swagbucks up to 100 swagbucks (so after your referral earns 100 you don’t earn anything from them). So, say I have a referral who earned 2 Swagbucks on a search–that means that I also earned 2 Swagbucks.

Q) Do I have to download the search toolbar?You can either search (after joining) by going to OR you can download their toolbar and it just replaces my google/yahoo/etc. bar in Firefox. No virus warnings or any issues whatsoever on my computer.

Q) How many searches should I be doing a day?I do searches all day long. However, do not do too many searches back to back (like rapid fire) or Swagbucks will think you are some kind of spambot and you’ll NEVER get Swagbucks. This is what happened to DH. On average winning happens 2-3 times during the course of a day. Some searches you’ll receive only 1 buck… but sometimes you may get 2,3 or even 20 swagbucks for a search!

Q) So, what should I be search for? Are there keywords that always work?GOOD question. For the most part, swagbucks are random. Some words may get a swagbuck for one person, and not for the other. However–in my experience, I’ve found that mainly proper names do pretty well consistently with winning Swagbucks (So, search for your name, your DD’s name.. or any other proper nouns). We like to share when a word does work for us because it MAY just work for you too! But, for the most part, they’re random.

Q) What’s a swagcode and how do I enter them?Swagcodes are released by They earn you Swagbucks instantly rather than having to do searches in hopes of a swagbuck. They normally have a quick expiration on them, so if you see one, go on and enter it in then. Where do you enter them, you may ask? Here’s how I do it: Go to Promote on the top of the screen (black menu bar) after you do a search. Then I go to “Your Swagbucks” (it’s in a grey menu bar a little lower)–then you should see a place that says “have a swagcode”.. enter it in here. Swagcodes are case-sensitive and always click “Gimmie” rather than enter. I’ve entered swagcodes and thought I didn’t get anything, but then a day later they’ll show up.. so some are not instant.

Q) Is it legit? Have you earned anything?Yes. It is legit.. or I wouldn’t be going on and on about it. lol. I have received 2 giftcards to using my Swagbucks and made purchases very easily. If you order stuff–shipping is free!

A big “thank you” to for writing this guest post!

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