How to Make Money Through Your Blog: Cashbaq

Building a Better Blog: How to make money online and through your blog
Post #1:

Description: Cashbaq allows you to earn either a discount (some up to 50%, average is 5-6%) or a designated monetary amount ($20 is common) on your online purchases from over 2,900 stores. We’re talking everything from eBay (2%) and (8%) to (10%), Visa Black Card ($70), Jelly Belly (10%), and OxiClean (10%). Seriously. Everyone is on this list.
On top of the discounts and rebates, Cashbaq has special “coupon” offers you can use (I get them emailed to me). I find some HUGE deals with their coupons–in fact, that’s how I got my Simple Shoes for virtually nothing!
How this earns money:
1) You are saving a significant amount of money on your regular online purchase (textbooks, vacations, household items, gifts, clothing…).
2) You earn $ off of referals. See below.
How to do it:
1) Sign up. It’s free and fast–and you don’t have to provide too much information.
2) When you (or a friend) makes an online purchase, start at and then click into your store. Meaning, if you’re making a purchase from The Land of Nod, don’t start at Start at and click their link for The Land of Nod.
2) You spread the word to your friends (if you want to make money from referals). As they sign up and save money on their online purchases, you will earn a comission of their spendings.
Your friends: 10%       Their friends: 5%     Their friends’ friends: 2%
So if all of your friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends earn a total of $100 a month together online, you’ll be getting $17.00

3) Every time you reach $10.00 in your Cashbaq account, they will either send you a check or put the money in your PayPal account.

Other Nice Things:
1) Cashbaq will not share your information or send you SPAM.
2) When you click on a store link, Cashbaq will automatically let you know if there are any additional coupons (on top of the discount) for that store.
3) They automatically put $5.00 in your account just for signing up.

You can’t lose anything! I’ve only made one purchase through and already have $7.11 in my account! I’ve also been a member with them for a few months and have yet to receive any SPAM or anything fishy from them.

Good luck, and get started saving (and earning) some money! Click here to visit their site.

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