How to make money through your blog and online

So you want to make money with your blog. Or maybe you don’t have a blog and want to make money online, instead. I have the goal of earning enough money through my blog this year that I will be able to afford the Internet at my house (about $40/month). In my search to find out how to truly and legitimately earn money online, I’ll also be sharing my findings with you so that you too can have a few extra trickles of income!

This will be my criteria:
1) Must be free.
2) Must be legitimate.
3) Must not cost me any extra time (i.e. I won’t be filling out surveys!).
The results of this search will be posted here on Life More Simply as additions to the “Building a Better Blog” series–starting today! I have a handful of topics that I’m in the process of researching right now, including Cashbaq, Swagbucks, AdSense, Amazon Associates, and Paid Advertising Space. If you know of any other endeavours that I should add to this list, leave me a message below and I’ll check them out for you!

Post #1: Cashbaq

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