To Brighten Your Day

A few things you might enjoy knowing about…
#1 Spend Time With Your Kids + Donate $ to Save The Children + Win Awesome Prizes
= Spin & Win game!

As said by MyBlogSpark and One2One Network…
Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are teaming up once again to support Save the Children’s U.S. Programs, dedicated to helping children living in poverty in the United States.

Their new Spin & Win game gives you the opportunity to win gift cards for spending quality time with your tykes – whether it’s curling up with some new books, starting a craft project or taking in a family flick. They’re giving away a prize every day. Plus, you could also win a brand new Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer, with time-saving features that give you more time for the important things in life.

Best of all, every time you play, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children, as part of their $250,000 commitment to support Save the Children’s CHANGE program, dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and promoting healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty in the United States.
Daily Prizes include:

$200 gift card to play dress up
$100 gift card to take in some family flicks
$100 gift card to build a birdhouse or go camping
$75 gift card to curl up with new books
$75 gift card to get out and play
$50 gift card to start a craft project

Click here to play (fast, free, and fun–I tried it!):
#2 Coupon for $1.00 of General Mills Cereal
General Mills and MyBlogSpark sent me information about how great it is for kids to eat breakfast cereal every morning, as well as coupons for free cereal. We tested Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Chex, and the Muli-Grain Cheerios. I think the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is too sweet for my liking, and I’m still not going to feed it to my 14.5-month-old daughter due to the sugar and processed content, but my husband loves it and I feel a lot better knowing he is getting a lot of needed vitamins. The Chocolate Chex are fun–gluten free and made with actual cocoa instead of artifical flavoring! These are good and not overwhelming as the chocolate flavored ones are mixed amongst “regular” chex pieces. The Multi-Grain Cheerios are my personal favorite, with 100% of an adult’s daily iron plus a bunch of vitamins. They’re slightly sweetened and it’s not too much. I also appreciate that you do get a variety of grains in the cereal!
Click here for a $1.00 coupon off of a General Mills Cereal.

Correction as of 1/20/10: in my original version of this post, I commented that General Mills Cereal now has a reduced sugar content. Since posting, I’ve become aware that the reduced sugar cereals are in the works and have not been released yet. So keep your eyes open for when the reduced-sugar versions of our favorite cereals are released to store shelves!

#3 Free Candle
You can get a free Serenity aromatherapy candle (Lavender and Ylang Ylang, 2.75″ x 5″) from the Free Aromatherapy site. Thanks to for alerting me to this find! Don’t ask me why a t-shirt shop is giving away candles…

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