Bambu Board Review, Part 2…and an EXTRA contest entry!

Bambu Large Hybrid Cutting Board, Golden BrownAfter sending an email to my Bambu contact with a link to my review for their Hybrid Bamboo and Cork Cutting Board, I received a note back saying “thanks, but can you make it a little more personal?” Jeff over at Bambu thought that my readers may be particularly interested in knowing the following:

What did you cut?
On what size?
What was the weight?
How did it react to your knives, how did it wash up?
Now, this is the first time I’ve received this sort of email from a company that I’ve done a review for. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I don’t normally include this sort of information unless I think it’s pertinent to the write up. Since blog posts are supposed to be short and sweet so as to keep the reader’s interest, I try to give you THE information you need in a conscise manner. Now, it’s always interesting to come across something new, and after pondering this idea of answering these questions for you, I thought “why not?”. Instead of simply editing my original post though, I decided to write a new one in case you didn’t re-check the original post. And besides, I really do like this company a lot, so I don’t mind giving them a little more PR.
So since you already know about the board, the benefits, and my reaction to it, I’ll tell you a little about my experience with it.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a house with her husband and baby. This girl loved to cook, but found it hard to find the time between work, keeping house, and sleeping at night! That was until she received her Bamboo Cork cutting board in the mail from Bambu. Opening the package, the girl ran her hand over the smooth, beautiful, nutty colored wood, and went right to the sink to wash it off. Using Mrs. Meyer’s dishsoap, warm water, and a cloth, the girl cleaned the board, followed by drying it with a towel. She noticed how quickly it was able to be wiped off, and how smooth the cloth graced the wood and cork.
Placing the cutting board on her table, the girl grabbed the one item for dinner that would need cutting: a loaf of sourdough bread. The bread had a crusty outer and filled 3/4 of the board with it’s length. Using her cheapo bread knife from a department store knife set, she sliced her way through the loaf and onto the bamboo side of the board. Unlike her plastic cutting board, this new board made it through the bread’s trauma without even a scratch. Since the board was so beautiful to behold, the girl left it on the table to serve the bread.
The next day, the girl couldn’t wait to use the board again, so she got out an onion and a pepper, and cut thin slices of each one onto her board. Again, with the cheapo knives. And also again, no scratches were left–just easily sliced vegetables that didn’t slide away (weighing whatever an onion and pepper approximately weigh)! The girl noticed that not only did the vegetables stay in place, but the board stayed in place, too, thanks to the cork side.
To clean it this time, the girl’s husband put the board in the dish washer. *dum, de dum, dum, DUUMMMM!* When the girl opened the dishwasher and saw what her husband had done, she discovered that while the board was clean, the cork side was a little more textured now than what was once so smooth. Just a little rougher, really, but with no change in effect or function…just a lecture to the husband to please, not put this in the dishwasher again! With a protective edge to her, the girl lifted her newly cleaned (and textured) Bambu cutting board, noticing the medium weight it was (somewhere between her glass board and her plastic board–both of which are now retired forever), and slid it into it’s resting place next to the stove.
The end.
Alright, hopefully that little creative writing expose answered the above questions and painted a pretty picture for you about how I used the board before writing my review! Seriously, it’s a great board and I’m more than happy to give you more information about it. 🙂
I guess this just goes to show what a nice person I am and how easy I am for companies to work with. 😉 Now, for those of you who are still reading (yup, I’m over that impossible 500-word limit for blog entries!), answer this question to earn an extra entry into the contest for winning this board:
Cutco Cutlery Paring Knife Classic Black 1720
What kind of knives did I use?
Leave your answer and email address over at the original posting for the Bambu Hybrid Cutting Board. Be sure to also do the mandatory entry, or this additional one won’t count!

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