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What is going on with my blog layout, you ask? I’m not sure, either! The deal is that while I do spend much less time on my blog than I’d like to, I still want it to look professional. My research shows that the “header-entries on L-two columns on R-footer” layout is the most respected, especially when you offer advertising. I attempted to create this sort of layout (Blogger doesn’t readily offer it) a while back but ended up with a real messy I-don’t-know-what-I-just-did sort of layout. Until now….drumroll…a big thanks to Lawny Designs for creating an easy peasy tutorial that told me how to pull of such a feat.

The next “design” thing on my list is getting a decent background, fixing the links up top that you notice are now all clustered together in a little heap, and updating my graphics to match everything. gulp. My background on blog designing is rather limited, as I don’t really know any CSS and must rely on the copy-paste method. Thankfully, back in my Jr. High days, I taught myself a good deal of HTML so that I could hack into other peoples’ websites and mess everything up for them (oops, did I just admit that on the WWW?). Since technology is forever moving on and I have no graphic design training, I’m pretty slow in figuring out this blog design stuff.

So if anyone wants to do the rest for me, you just let me know and we’ll work out an advertising for service deal. 🙂 Until then, please bear with me and be patient as I get through making all of the changes! On another note, my fabulous cloud widget has dissapeared since I added that extra column on the right. Does anyone know how to change that? What about my newly dissapeared “spell check” feature of Blogger? Without that, you may be in for some serious decoding…;-)

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