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I thought you may enjoy a personal update from life in upstate NY. As usual, I’m running a little behind on blog stuff lately. If you’re waiting for reviews and giveaways to be posted, don’t worry– I do actually work on writing them every day Mon-Fri! I just haven’t had enough time all at once to complete a writing in one sitting this week. :-p If you’re waiting to hear back from me about the possibility of reviewing your product, I’m hoping to respond to you either later today or tomorrow!

For anyone who actually reads my blog because they find me to be an addictively interesting person, you may be interested to know what has been cause of delay in my blogging endeavours…

I’m pregnant! Okay, that isn’t the only reason I’m delayed–mostly it’s because I have to be sneaky about blogging at work and really just haven’t had the time to do it lately (hint, hint–if anyone wants to purchase the Internet for me at home, I’ll be happy to blog every day when I get home!)…but doesn’t blaming it on pregnancy sound so much more interesting?

I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant. In fact, I thought I had stopped ovulating due to breast feeding. The only reason I took a test is because I was offered a FT ambulance job and just thought to myself “I’d better take a test just to make sure that I won’t have to quit my new job in 20 weeks and be jobless.” Was I ever in for a surprise when I saw two little blue lines on that stick! WOAH! When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, LoveBug, I waiting 9 days until I could tell my husband in a special and unique way. This time, I started screaming for him to get his butt into the bathroom and verify what I was seeing.

Then, I cried (embarrassed to admit it, but I was a bit overwhelmed), ate a bowl of ice cream and drank a glass of coke. After a little while, I adjusted and decided I couldn’t deny it. Long story short (if you want the long version, check out my personal baby-husband blog at, I’m oh so very excited about bringing this new baby into the world. My children will be 20 months apart, cloth diapered, and even tandem breastfed if LoveBug hasn’t self weaned by then. I’m fervently praying to be a SAHM at that point, but I know God may have other things in mind…so I continue to ignore the idea of me having to go back to work after baby #2 comes. Maybe if I deny the possibility, it won’t happen?

Oh, and I’m due June 30th, 2010. 🙂

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  1. oh Rachel! This is God's plan for you! You have another little baby to bring into the world and you've been blessed! I would see this as the Universes way of saying “your doing such a good job being a here's another!” lol! I know the fear is setting in, but when we got pregnant with #6, I just stayed in the moment and shed the fear. I believed this was my duty and I focused all energy I had to growing and loving and nurturing that little soul inside me! Congrats! Im ecstatic for you! If you need anything, Im here to support you! xoxo my friend!!!


  2. ps. if your feeling morning sick, my readings have guided me to pH balances in the body. The Chinese believe that when you get pregnant, your pH is thrown off, I believe you should intake more basic pH diet. I can give you that info. It will eliminate the morning sickness.


  3. Oooh! Very exciting! Congratulations! I miss the feelings that came with finding out I was pregnant…but I do have 3 lovely little girls now.

    Enjoy and best of luck!

    lmarston AT yahoo DOT com


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