Mrs. Meyer’s Review & Giveaway

I’ve fallen in love. I didn’t think it’d ever happen with me and cleaning products, but alas, it has. I do NOT like chemical smells, dry skin, or scary ingredients. I DO like a clean house, aromatherapy, and natural ingredients. Combine these last three things and get ready to meet Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day!

The friendly folks over at Mrs. Meyer’s sent me a whole bunch of awesome products to review and share with you after I stumbled upon them via the Internet. Since the day I received that package, I realized that my cleaning life had previously been missing something: great smells. The first thing you’ll notice about Mrs. Meyer’s products is that they smell fantastic and are scented by way of essential oils. In fact, they’re so good that I have actually mixed up a batch of their all-purpose cleaning solution and left it to sit in my kitchen so that the aroma could fill my household! Their products span a variety of choices in fragrance including Baby Blossom (for their baby product line), Basil, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon Verbena (my favorite), Scent Free, and a seasonal scent of “Iowa Pine.” The second thing you’ll notice is their fun packaging. Simple characters and colors are used to send a down-to-earth personal message on each product.

Enough about how happy you’ll be with these products, though. Let me tell you about the stuff that they sent to me, and then give you a chance to grab some of your own!

Countertop Spray $3.99
This is a great multi-purpose spray that actually combines their All Purpose Cleaner with a special Vegetable Protein Extract that provides a “naturally fresh way to remove odors.” It works! I’ve used it in my bathroom, kitchen, and even on a coffee table. Each time, it’s left my surfaces clean and with a fresh, pretty scent behind. It’s a love.

Surface Scrub $4.99
Made with naturally safe ash and oxygen bleach, I’ve found you won’t need a ton of this product to be effective. It creates enough scouring action to remove scummy build up in my bathtub, but not enough harshness to scratch anything. I’ve used it in both my shower/bath and the toilet, but it’s recommended for tile, stainless steel, professional cookware, porcelain fixtures and more! The powdery scent is more potent to my nose than their liquid products and did make it itch a little.

All Purpose Cleaner $7.99
First, let me tell you that again, a little goes a long way. I just mixed a little bit in a bucket of warm water and was ready to rock and roll. My floors, counters, and surfaces have all been cleaned–and I didn’t want to STOP finding things to clean because it smells so darn good and is very gentle on my hands! If I were to purchase just one thing, this would be it.

Shower Cleaner
Squirt this on your shower/tub surfaces after using, and prevent soap scum and mineral build ups! I’m not a huge fan of scrubbing the bathtub, so a product like this is very handy when you’re trying to save time in your life. I love that it’s easy and quick to use, and also that the scent is fresh and not overpowering in such a small space.

Dish Soap $3.99
Of course, another awesome smelling product from Mrs. Meyer’s. Their dish soap suds well very quickly (a few times, I had to scoop bubbles out because there were too many). The suds don’t stay forever though, but I didn’t find that this affected the cleanliness of my dishes. I did find that with my bottles–and bottles only–I had to rinse extra well because a greasy sort of film would build up on the inside of them. I didn’t have this problem with any of my other dishes, and think it’s just a rinsing issue. The overall effectiveness is equivalent to any name brand dish soap, but the quality of ingredients is far better than the regular leading brands.
Surface Wipes $3.99
My mom always keeps a stack of anti-bacterial cleaning wipes under her sink. While I love the convenience of them, I do not love the harsh chemicals involved and so don’t buy them. THESE surface wipes though… they thrill me! They’re biodegradable (the wipe is cellulose plant derived), gentle on the skin, durable, smell fantastic, and do the job! I have moved them from house to purse to car and back to the house. I can’t decide where to keep them because they are so handy to have and use! I wouldn’t mind if I found a few packs of these in my stocking…
BUY IT! I do suggest that everyone run out and purchase something from Mrs. Meyer’s–you won’t be disappointed and the stress level involved in cleaning your home may diminish! Select full size products are now available at Target, and I’ve also seen a few at my local Wegmans. If you want to purchase from Mrs. Meyer’s website, they have free shipping on all orders of $50.00 through 12/17, and are also offering 25% off their Iowa Pine holiday items.
WIN IT! Mrs. Meyer’s is giving away two different gift packs to my readers! Two winners will be chosen, one for the Holiday Hand Kit, and one for the Clean Day Kit. To enter, please visit and tell me something you learned or a product you’re dying to try from them. Please leave a separate comment WITH an email address for each entry. Contest ends December 31 at 12:00pm, EST.

Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Hand Kit includes:
Iowa Pine Liquid Hand Soap, 8 oz
Iowa Pine Hand Lotion, 8 oz
Iowa Pine Scented Soy Candle, 7.2 oz $14.99
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Kit Includes:
Countertop Spray, 8oz
Liquid Dish Soap, 8oz
All Purpose Cleaner, 8oz
Window Spray, 8oz
$14.99 (on sale right now for $11.25!)

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