Upcoming Reviews & Giveaways

Alright, I think it’s high time that I got myself in gear and ran some reviews and giveaways of the fantastic products I’ve been testing for you in the last few months. I’m pleased to announce that…

The Green Cleaning event will finally be beginning sometime next week (12/6-12)! You’ll be learning about (and hopefully winning some things) from Activeion, Seventh Generation, Skoy Cloths, and Mrs. Meyers!

Following that, during the week of the 13th-19th, expect to see some great Christmas ideas like a gorgeous Sound of Music pop up book and music CD from Sony Music, the Pop-A-Tot portable child holder, Bummas cloth wipes, Dadoo Kids clothing, Organic Beginnings clothing, and a Rich Frog hat! In fact, there may even be a few extra goodies along the way for us Mama’s, too. 😉

Oh, boy, do I ever have my work cut out for me…Let’s be honest, some of that second grouping of stuff (officially entitled “1st Birthday Bash,” but nicely fitting in with Christmas as well) may actually appear the week of Christmas. 🙂

Think I’ll be out of stuff come the New Year? Think again! Look forward to learning about the natural and non-toxic paint from the Milk Paint company, safe eating tools and ideas for babies and kids, and then some interesting and innovative products related to healthy eating (including low-fat, homemade frozen donuts!).

Yup, I must love my readers. Start spreading the word about any of these contests now, and earn yourself an extra entry into the contest you talked about (rules: you can only write about one of these items at a time, and that item is the one for which you’ll get the extra entry into. You can write on your blog, through an email (CC “lifemoresimply at yahoo.com”), or on your social networking page. Just comment back here with your info! Be sure to include some info about the company/prize you’re hoping to win (Google.com works great) and a link back to my site).

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