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When we were 15-years-old, one of my best friends mother died from breast cancer. She was young, and left behind 5 children and a husband. Since then, I’ve watched as numerous other people I know are affected by experiencing breast cancer themselves or by suffering with a loved one who is going through it. MyBlogSpark gave me the opportunity to share a neat online community that is dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research as well as providing a meeting place for people affected by breast cancer to gain comfort, support, and encouragement online. Entitled “Pink Together,” this community allows for people to share their stories, download supportive wallpaper for their computer screens, and to learn more about companies that are taking a stand against breast cancer. You can visit Pink Together at …but visit soon, because things will quickly be wrapping up!

Things you might not know about breast cancer
  • Excluding cancers of the skin, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among U.S. women, accounting for more than 1 in 4 cancers.
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.
  • One out of eight American women who live to be 85 years of age will develop breast cancer, a risk that was one out of 14 in 1960.
  • 2.4 million women living in the U.S. have been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

On top of this, MyBlogSpark is providing an Inspiring Hope gift basket for one of my readers! This is what they have to say- “to help us generate awareness, we will provide you with an Inspiring Hope gift basket that includes a sleeved travel mug, a running ribbon charm bracelet, a pink leather strap key chain, a pink cinch bag, and a set of inspirational note cards. All of the gift basket items are from, where 25 percent of the merchandise purchase price benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer.” They sent me one to review and I can vouch that the items are of good quality, but most importantly, 1/4 of the proceeds are helping to find the cure for breast cancer.

What: you’ll receive the Inspiring Hope gift basket from valued at $51.00!
How: First, visit and look around. Then, come back here and share your story about breast cancer (about you, someone else, or other thoughts!). You must enter fast, because the contest ends on Wednesday, November 18th at 3:30pm, EST.

Earn extra entries by
* Telling me something else not listed here that you’d like for yourself or someone else at
* Tweeting this contest (2x/day, max; one entry per tweet)
*Emailing at least 3 friends about this contest with a link and “lifemoresimply(@)” CC’d in
*Blogging about this contest (2 entries)
*Sporting my badge
*Subscribing to me
*Following me
*Otherwise spreading the word!

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  1. I, thank goodness, have not had somebody close to me struggle with breast cancer while I have been of age to understand it.
    I have heard stories of my young aunt struggling with breast cancer and pulling through with amazing strength. At the time she had a young son who is well into his 20's now. Anyways, she tried for years to conceive another child with no luck and after 16 years she found out she was pregnant again!! Unfortunately, she had difficulty after a surgery and passed away leaving a 2 year old behind. I was very close to her at this time and had a hard time understanding how a person could fight cacner but not make it a week after a hysterectomy…


  2. My youngest Aunt (only a couple of years older than my oldest brother) has had three bouts with breast cancer. I can still remember visiting her in the hospital while I was still a teen and trying to understand what it all meant. I still don't understand. But I love her!

    gitrecca at gmail dot com


  3. It's rarely ever mentioned, but men get breast cancer, too. It tends to be twice as deadly, because they DON'T know the signs, and it's so rare, most every man who gets breast cancer, dies from it. My husband's uncle did.


  4. deviatefromthenorm– thanks for the GREAT point! I agree that people almost always forget the men who are diagnosed with breast cancer, and I've wondered if choosing pink as the “color” for this cancer wasn't the best idea. 🙂


  5. Thank you so doing this. My mom passed away from breast cancer 9 years ago. She was only in her early 40's and was a busy mom and just put off getting screened regularly until they found a large tumor. My youngest sister was only 3 when she died so needless to say breast cancer has changed my life in a very big way. My will never see her daughters get married and my kids never got to meet their Grandma. I would love to be entered in this drawing and would use these things to prompt discussions with people about the importance of regular screening and early detection of breast cancer.

    kroegerfamilycreations at gmail dot com


  6. I have several women family members that are breast cancer survivors! I admire them so much because of their strength and courage. They are all now CANCER FREE!

    nancy at 513ventures dot com


  7. My family has not had Breast Cancer effect us~but other types have caused many heartaches~tears and loss of many..Cancer is such a terrible~hard disease and I see some many fighting with all that they have.I pray that one day they find a cure for all kinds of cancer.


  8. I myself or anyone close has not had breast cancer,but i say yet,because this is so widespread.I am glad to see more people getting educated early on breast cancer and more lives are being saved each year!A lot of support for survivors is also a good thing to see and supporters of that.
    thank you for this wonderful giveaway.
    alwaysatryin at


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