Michael Buble: Crazy Love Review

Michael Buble’s new album, Crazy Love, recently debuted as #1 on the billboard chart. Falling into the jazz category of music, it’s an upbeat listening experience for even the newest of Buble fans. I actually hadn’t even known of Michael Buble’s existence until One2One Network sent me a copy of Crazy Love to review. Once I started playing it in my office though, coworkers immediately recognized him and asked about the CD….so I guess he must be popular. 🙂

Singer and songwriter Michael Buble has actually sold over 22 million albums worldwide with #1 hits in over 15 countries. This newest album came out of a desire to create a collection of songs that make up the “ultimate record about the inevitable roller coaster ride of relationships.” One can tell that this is the theme of Crazy Love just by reading the track titles:

1. Cry Me A River

2. All Of Me

3. Georgia On My Mind

4. Crazy Love

5. Haven’t Met You Yet

6. All I Do Is Dream Of You

7. Hold On

8. Heartache Tonight

9. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

10. Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)

11. At This Moment

12. Stardust

13. Whatever It Takes (bonus track)

Best things about this album: it’s well executed, holds true to its theme, and Michael has captivating eyes which are highlighted on the album’s cover.

Worst things about this album: the music is a bit predictable (but then, this is coming from a girl who grew up listening to Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa to get her jazz fix–and they’re as complicated as it comes). Also, the album cover and title freak my husband out a little bit so he doesn’t want to listen…haha.

Find more information here:

Michael Buble Website: http://bit.ly/MBSite

“Haven’t Met You Yet” Video: http://bit.ly/MBvideo

Link to buy this album:http://bit.ly/MBamazon

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