Million Baby Crawl & Giveaway

Seventh Generation needs your help making our nation’s outdated chemical law tougher, in order to make the world safer for our children. Join us in spreading the word about the Million Baby Crawl ( to help educate and empower parents to raise their voices for stronger standards on toxic chemicals.

Did you know that…

  • In the 33 years since Congress passed that nation’s chemical regulatory law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA), the Environmental Protection Agency has required testing on just 200 of the more than 80,000 chemical compounds developed for products used in the home.
  • Under the current law, the EPA does not have the authority to demand the information it needs to evaluate a chemical’s risk, and neither manufacturers nor the EPA are required to prove a chemical’s safety as a condition of use.
  • 1.25 million kids younger than six are unintentionally poisoned in the home each year by things like cosmetics and personal care products, cleaning substances, pain relievers and cough and cold medicines (American Association of Poison Control Centers)
  • Studies show that nearly 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants have been found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns (EWG).

How you can help… It’s easy, visit and create a crawler that represents why you want chemical reform! As an extra incentive (and thank you), Seventh Generation will be giving away a Living Home Starter Kit to one of my readers who creates a crawler! The Living Home Starter Kit is valued at $50.00 and includes:

Ruby Grapefruit & Herb Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
Green Mandarin & Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner
Emerald Cypress & Fir All-Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Natural Citrus Scent Shower Cleaner
Emerald Cypress & Fir Tub & Tile Cleaner
One Roll of Recycled Paper Towels
…and a Seventh Generation Tote to haul all your new stuff!

Once you’ve made your crawler, report back to me here and let me know these two things:

1) what the name of your crawler is and 2) one fact about this issue that you found to be compelling.

That’s it! This contest will be open until Monday, November 16 at 0730 hours, EST. Please leave your email address and a separate comment for EACH entry into this contest.

Earn Extra Entries By…(after your initial entry)

*Tweeting about this contest (1x/day)
*Emailing 4 friends with “” CC’d in
*Following me
*Subscribing to me
*Grabbing my button (NOT onto a blog roll)
*Otherwise spreading the word!

Be blessed!

12 thoughts on “Million Baby Crawl & Giveaway

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  1. My crawler's name is Sara and I found this issue to be compelling because I never knew that this was such a huge issue until I went to the Seventh Generation website. With little one's here at home, this is definitely something that I will continue to support until someone in Washington listens and takes a stand. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!



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