I lied. Not on purpose, mind you. I blame it on having a crazy schedule and no Internet at home (hello, if you haven’t already nominated me here, then you really need to because I need that money to get the Internet!). See, the Green Cleaning event was supposed to begin, oh, last week. Did it begin then? Nope. Is it beginning today? Probably not. *sigh*. I really can’t say anything other than that things have been hectic and I just didn’t get a chance to start it up. Will it be happening, though? YES! And you will still gain extra entries for grabbing the button before I officialy start it off! The good news is that the prizes are fabulous (including a $300.00 Activion) and are worth the wait. 🙂

In other news, once my fingers thaw out from sitting in this ice box of an office, I have a lot of pressing thoughts in my head that are screaming to get out in the form of a blog…So what do you want to hear about first? Leave your vote(s) below.

1) My favorite blogs. What do I read and why do I read it?
2) How to make your blog successful (a series of posts)

3) Being a firefighter (yeah, this could be another series)

4) Homeschooling (yet another series…geesh!)

5) Interesting things about me:
5.a- my husband and daughter
5.b- growing up in a family of 8 girls…and one bathroom.
5.c- my dreams

6) A personal rant about the “disability” culture we’ve created in America

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