Cleaning Green Event!

Cleaning Green
Have you ever wondered about the toxins in the cleaning products sitting around your home?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better alternative?

What about affordability and time?

If so (and even if not), plan to visit Life More Simply starting on September 28th for some of our most innovative and expensive giveaways to date! You are going to LOVE what we’ve got! There will be all sorts of information, reviews, and awesome giveaways for products that are eco-friendly and safe for everyone in your household. All of the items have been personally tested by me and I have absolutely fallen in love with what I’ve tried. There’s no going back now–I’m definitely hooked for life and can’t wait to share the same things with you!

Participating Companies:

Grab the “Cleaning Green” badge on the LH side bar before the event begins and claim an extra entry into every Cleaning Green contest! (Leave a message here letting me know the link to where I can find the badge displayed). Good luck and be blessed.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Green Event!

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  1. Okay, now that I have began a blog, I have your button. You can find it at http:/

    I know it says 9/23 but in this post it says 9/28, please let me know if I qualify for the extra entry.
    wieszczm at mounties dot mansfield dot edu


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