Free Udder Covers Nursing Cover!

Udder Covers is committed to making the “most dependable nursing covers on the market.” With six gorgeous prints to choose from, mamas can choose either just the nursing cover or a nursing cover/milk band/nursing pad gift pack.

…and the best news of all is that it’s you can get an Udder Cover for FREE right now! My dear friend (who is ten-ish weeks pregnant with her first baby!) emailed me with a discount code that will take $32.00 off of your order (and a cover only costs $32.00). I don’t know how long this will last, so snag a few of these while you can. To take advantage of this offer, enter “backorder” into the Enter your “limited time only” promo code here:** box on the checkout/order information part of the page.

Thanks, Michele! She’ll be receiving an extra entry into the contest of her choice for letting me know about this offer to share on Life More Simply.

6 thoughts on “Free Udder Covers Nursing Cover!

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  1. I've heard very mixed reviews about this company. Some buyers don't ever receive the product; others report shipping taking several weeks. Most alarming is that some are seeing fraudulent credit card charges after making this purchase. Google “Udder Covers” to see some of the info, and buyer beware.


  2. Did it turn out being OK??? I just ordered one, then saw your blog. I REALLY hope I didn't make a mistake. I did use PayPal. That DOES help protect, RIGHT???


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