How To Recognize a SAHM

I can spot stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) quick as a wink these days. It may be by sight, or it may be from a conversation that we have. Traditionally, SAHM’s are thought of a skirt wearing-home schooling-multiple child toting women who never eat fast food and have meticulously organized chore charts. In contrast, work-out-of-the-home-moms (WOHM) are traditionally thought of as appearance oriented, busy, successful, and educated on the collegiate level. These things, though, are not set in stone for either category and aren’t the things that really set us apart.

I grew up in a family of eight girls. I’m the second oldest–there are no twins, only one of us was planned, and no, we are not Mormon or Quiverful. We were all home schooled (there are still three being schooled) until college, having one bathroom in the house to contend with and constantly on the run with all of the activities we were involved in. Who ever decided that home schooled kids aren’t supposed to be social? That will have to be the topic of another blog post. 🙂
My mom, needless to say, was a SAHM. While we did have multiple children in tow, cooked almost every meal, and did have detailed chore charts, I wouldn’t say we met the “stereotypical home school model” for a family. My mom has her BSN and we didn’t wear skirts or stay at home all day…though we are all pretty darn smart. 😉
I am a WOHM. Growing up, I never gave thought to which one I’d be. I never thought that I’d have to. Being able to experience the other side of things, though, has made me realize that there are variations within each model of mothers, and we aren’t all where we’re at because we want to be, either! I also didn’t previously realize what exactly it is that sets SAHM apart from WOHMs, and let me tell you–it’s not the dress, education, or happiness level that allows me to spot SAHMs so quickly.
I know you’re a SAHM when…
  • I see you shopping during morning or day time store hours instead of in the evening.
  • Your child knows what “Story Hour” at the library is.
  • You tell me that we should get together for a “play date.”
  • Sewing, crocheting, or knitting actually represents something you have in progress.
  • You eat home cooked meals more often than you eat frozen pizza.
  • You have an updated and well put together blog…or two, or three.
  • The word “nap” is something that you experience once in a while! *big jealous look* 😉

Now my question to you: what are the things that make you recognize a WOHM?

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