Happy Shoes

I’ve fallen in love.

I’ve never like shopping (aside from thrift shops and music stores), and never felt the need to have more than one pair of shoes at a time (my Keens have been on my feet every day since the snow melted…yes, I often wear socks with them)…And then today happened.

First, I learned about a sweet website that gives you cash back (in the form of a check of PayPal) on your regular purchases from online merchants (including Walmart, Netflicks, Snapfish, and a whole ton of others). It’s very easy to sign up–you just have to provide an email address and name. To get credit for your purchases, you just need to start at CashBaq.com and click one of their links to get to the store of your choice. Easy, and more than free.

Secondly, through CashBaq, I found a fabulous shoe company: Simple Shoes. There are three things that sold me on the shoes:
  1. They are exactly reflective of my fashion sense: Hippie meets artist meets snowboarder.
  2. Their clearance prices are up to 85% off. Match that with my 7% cashbaq and I’m giddy with my bandit-ness. Oh, and there’s free shipping, too.
  3. 100% sustainability in the products used to make the shoes. Hemp, silk, recycled materials…it’s brilliant.

So when I get my shoes (MistleTOE (green), Satire-The Ryde (chocolate), and Weebit (for Amara), I will immediately take photos and let you know what I think. How much did I spend for everything? Less than $30.00. Today is a happy day.

3 thoughts on “Happy Shoes

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  1. The boots were a no-go. I'm a bit picky about shoes (I have a condition that requires me to be careful with my feet). They look super cute but really won't do for a winter 'round here! The wool that pokes out the top only pokes out the top. It doesn't line the shoe. Also, there is zero arch support (I have crazy high arches), and they are a lot of work to get on (don't have time to mess with those sort of things these days). Still, I'm sad they didn't work out!


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