Sportbrella Review & Giveaway

SKLZ, a company that supplies sports related items and equipment, sent me an interesting tool that protects people from the elements: a Sportbrella. Just imagine what Mary Poppin’s umbrella would have looked like if it was red and she was a giant and you’ll have a picture of what the Sportbrella looks like.

Offering 50+ UV protection thanks to a special lining in the materials of the umbrella, this is a tool that I will never go to a ball game without again. It folds up like any other umbrella, closing by the push of a button and having a strap with velcro on it to secure everything together when not in use. To open the umbrella, one simply needs to undo the velcro strap and push up on the canopy part. The canopy fluidly opens without a big flying motion but still without much effort on the operator’s part. Another nice thing? It comes in three different colors!

My favorite thing about the Sportbrella (other than the size that would allow my entire 10-person family to stand underneath it) is that you can either hold it over your head (and the other 7 people near you) or you can easily set it up on the ground to create a shelter. The stake that allows for this stores itself within the umbrella pole, and the wings that come down on the sides of the umbrella snap right back up again when you don’t want them. I know that softball season is over this year, but I can’t wait to go next year and hang out under my Sportbrella while Amara and I watch Ron play! Picnics, rainstorms—I’m full of plans for this thing.

Buy it: The Sportbrella costs $69.99 and is available through the SKLZ website with free shipping for a limited time. I realize this is a hefty price for some people to pay, but it seems sturdy enough to last for a very long time and it will give you a lot of peace and mind (not to mention comfort) if you’re outdoors a lot in the summer. Not to mention all of the sunscreen you’ll be able to save over the years!

Win it: SKLZ is giving one lucky reader of mine the chance to win a Sportbrella of her or his own. Since this is a pretty awesome prize, you are going to have to work a little bit for it. The required entry is that you compile a Top Ten list of uses for the Sportbrella. I will choose the winning entry based on the following:

(out of 15 points total)
10 points- creativity
5 points- presentation, including following the format directions below
3 points- correct spelling and grammar as applicable

BONUS 2 points- visit SKLZ website and tell me one other item that you like of theirs. Include it in a note at the bottom of your Top Ten list.

Your entry can be shared through a written list, song, YouTube video (send me the link), artwork, or anything else that you can think of! Email your entry to lifemoresimply(@)yahoo(.)com by September 8, 2009 at 2359 hours, EST. I reserve the right to share any contest entry on my Blog (please note if you do NOT want your name used). Please follow the formating directions below:

Title of email: Sportbrella Contest Entry
Body of email:
Email address
Age (child, teen, adult)

Entry (mention here if I need to visit YouTube or open an attached image or something to view your entry)

BONUS entry (not mandatory)

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