UV Skinz Review + Giveaway!

I’ve recently been reading other blog reviews about UV Skinz clothing but didn’t realize how great the clothing actually is until being sent an outfit for my daughter a few weeks ago. I’m completely hooked now and tell everyone I know about the company! You won’t be dissapointed by the feel, fit, colors, or purpose of these garments.

Here’s the reason behind UV Skinz according to its creator, Rhonda Sparks:

I started UV Skinz after losing my 32-year-old husband to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. It was this experience and having to raise our three little boys on my own that gave me the drive and determination to educate consumers about the importance of proper sun protection any chance I can get, while still not losing site of how valuable it is to PLAY and HAVE FUN outdoors!

UV Skinz is a line of clothing and accessories that provide 50+ UV protection even when wet–that means protection from 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays! I asked Rhonda how this works, and she said that the type of fabric and weave traditionally helps or hurts the UV protection, but that UV Skinz also uses a “special additive before the weaving/knitting even begins that helps bind the fabric more tightly when wet OR dry.” Two interesting facts about this: 1) “50+” is the highest UVP (UV protection) rating that clothing can have, and 2) a regular shirt has a UVP factor of 7 when dry and 4 when wet.

Rhonda sent us the Olivia style baby swimshirt and matching bright pink board shorts for Amara to try. She was on the brink of two sizes so I went with the bigger, and I’m so glad that I did because they fit her now and will hopefully fit next year, too! I love that the shirt is slim but not tight. It stretches to easily fit over hear head and doesn’t appear to be anything but completely comfortable. The shorts are so stylish that my teenage sisters were asking me if UV Skinz sold the same pair in Jr. sizes! We’ve used the shorts over both a re-usable swim diaper and cloth pocket diaper and it fit well both times. After getting wet, the outfit was still easier to take off than a swimsuit would be!

Needless to say, I really like the quality of the outfit we were sent and I want one for myself now. The good news is that UV Skinz has a line of adult sized items and they’re having a big sale right now so you can get some great deals! Honestly. I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about the outfit we tried.

Win It: Rhonda is graciously offering to give one lucky reader of mine one item of his or her choice from the UV Skinz site…for free! Mandatory entry- visit UV Skinz and choose your item. Decide wisely because this is what you’ll get if you win. Please include size/color if applicable.

Additional Entries: leave a separate comment for each entry and include your email address.
– Blog about this contest including a link
– Sport my button (L.H. side of my blog page)
– Subscribe to me or follow me
– Subscribe to UV Skinz newsletter (upper L.H. side of their main page)
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– Otherwise spread the word (let me know)!
Contest ends Thursday, September 3, 2009 at noon, EST.

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  1. The kids have a ton of UVSkinz and they have worked amazingly well to keep them protected this summer. Now Mama needs something – the Cheryl – Long-Sleeve Sky Blue Full-Zip XL to be exact! I like that there are a few full zip options because I hate pulling shirts over my head!


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