Circles & Points

I have been struggling the last few days with the following dilemma:

wear a sweater over my polo shirt and sweat to death (amidst answering the question of “why are you wearing a sweater when it’s 88f degrees out?!”)
don’t wear the sweater and show the world round circles over wear my baby-feeders are with nip-ons in the middle of that. (Woah, did I really just say that on a public blog?)

I don’t know how pumping-mama’s do it. I mean, seriously, it’s embarrassing to glance in the mirror and see 4″ circular indentations in my shirt from the nursing pads I put in my bra. Take the pads out, and you can only see the pointiness that a pump creates even better. Even with the pads, though, the points remain. If you’ve never experienced this, just grab a breast pump and give it a whirl. Your husband will be grateful. The rest of the world may stare.

Here is my Top Ten idea list of what to do, since the above isn’t working:

1. Duct tape the points down after each pumping session.
2. Stuff socks into my bra instead of nursing pads.
3. Wear a coat. Oh wait, that’s the same problem of the sweater.
4. Just push them back down. All of the time.
5. Strongly padded bra. Like a 12-layer bra.
6. Ace bandage around my torso.
7. Pump by hand and carry a cloth around to soak up any leaks.
8. Potato-sack dresses.
9. Find clay that sticks to skin, and sculpt up and over the issue after each pumping. This will both contain any leakage and smooth any points.
10. Scream at anyone who dares look below my neck.

Please, add your ideas below. Mine don’t seem to be working…

5 thoughts on “Circles & Points

Add yours

  1. I rock the nursing pads. Sometimes they show but I don't care because a) I need them and b) I'm attached to that pump all day long so I can feed my baby… dare anyone make me (or you) feel weird about that then shame on them.
    I also wear a cami with one of those built in shelf bras under all my shirts. The extra layer helps a bit.
    PS love your list! Ha!


  2. So I totally just finished pumping ten minutes ago and was just dealing with said problem. I wear a nursing cami and because of the stretchy material it tends to smooth out the nursing pads a bit more, however you still have the extra layer problem but I don't think it would be as hot as the sweater.

    Yeah, I hate what pumping does to them….it gave me a smile to read your list, though. Thanks!


  3. AH! I”ve never had this problem but it sounds really really lame!

    Just noticed that you were following my blog and wanted to thank you.

    I look forward to getting to know you better. Please comment often, as it reminds me to come over to your blog. LOL


  4. LOL, Oh my, yes, I know what you mean. My solutions are padded bras(Target makes a great padded bra for $12.99), tank tops with built-in shelf bras(WalMart for $5.99), and nursing pads. The nip-ons are enormous, and while they make Josh giggle, I have learned to ignore them. 😉


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