My FiOS Entertainment Upgrade Contest

I was recently contacted by Verizon about doing some PR for them regarding their My FiOS contest. At first, I was excited because they were going to pay me a little for the post, and frankly, the money is very handy when paying for shipping prizes that my readers win! I didn’t think I’d be able to do the post, though, because it involved making a video and posting it online. No problem, except that I can’t upload videos from my camera to anything but my camera. That’s another story in itself. Needless to say, I told Verizon this and the responded with “well, post anyway” a few days later. Since I don’t have Internet at my home (again, money), I didn’t receive their email until today. Now I really don’t know if I’m going to receive any compensation for this post, but after I checked out their contest, I decided that it doesn’t matter! The prizes that they’re offering are too good to not tell you about!

Here’s what you can win:

-A webcam (I’d love to give this to my sister since her husband will be deployed overseas soon after their first baby is born) and 40″ LCD HDTV

-A 40″ LCD HDTV and notebook PC (*eyes grow big and happy*)

-Grand Prize:
One (1) 55″ Flat Screen LCD HDTV
One (1) 40″ Flat Screen LCD HDTV
One (1) 5.1-Channel Blu-ray® Disc Player Home Theater System
One (1) Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Kit
One (1) Notebook PC
Free Verizon FiOS® service for one (1) 12 month period

Once I realized that it’s more than just televisions (nope, not a big fan of TV), I’m now hooked. The thought of surround speakers, a TV that we don’t have to squint at that allows us to not only watch shows, but FiOS would also give us the opportunity to watch EDUCATIONAL and interesting things as well as play games and receive information, a computer…Yeah, I would NOT mind having those things. To win the grand prize, you must upload a short video describing why you deserve to win. The contest is only open to NY and NJ residents, and I just read that the leading video only has 794 votes. So…I’m thinking that if I figure out a way to upload a video, everyone could vote for me each time that they load a page on my blog. Within four days, that would equal 1,076 votes which totally outdoes the leading video…hmmm…This has possibilities! Just think, if I won, it’d benefit you too, because Internet access is included meaning I’d be able to post on my Blog more often. 😉

Four Grand Prize winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. Four recipients of the TV/Camera will be chosen based on the number of votes from the public that they receive (all of the videos are posted on the contest site). 14 winners will be chosen at random just for voting for a video. The contest ends in four days on August 16, so you need to get right on this if you want to win anything. Go to to upload your own video or to vote for someone else.

Did you or would you enter this contest? Why or why not? And the bigger question, if I can get a video uploaded, will you vote for me? 😉

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