Silicone Water-Guard Correction

I must apologize to all of my readers and the Atsko company! I accidentally referenced the product and information for Atsko’sSilicone Water-Guard” during the review that was actually for their “Permanent Water-Guard” on July 21, 2009. A big oops!

What made me catch the mistake? An anonymous reader! Someone left the question “holy smokes! My only concern is, are these chemicals safe for baby to wear against skin or simply be inhaled?” after reading my blog entry, which prompted me to contact my friends at Atsko to find out the answer to this reasonable concern. This was their answer this:

“Silicone Water-Guard is not the best choice for the diaper shells. Silicone washes away in a couple of washes so there is also the possibility of exposure. Permanent Water-Guard is guaranteed for 25 washes. Nothing is coming off in babies perspiration. It requires dryer heat after it dries but certainly well worth the trouble since you will probably never have to apply it again.”

So glad I contacted them! The original blog post has been updated with the correct information that I didn’t have the first time, so everything you read there is now accurate. The product for the giveaway is the Permanent Water-Guard, not the Silicone Water-Guard.

In an effort to make up for my mistake a little bit, I’m offering this to my readers:

*Earn an two additional entries to win the Permanent Water-Guard by simply visitng Atsko’s website and telling me one difference between the Permanent and Sillicone Water-Guards. You must visit their website! (leave two separate comments with an email address on the original blog post–not this one)

*The first person to tell me one thing that I posted on the original one and what information has now replaced it will earn 5 additional entries! (leave five separate comments with an email address on the original blog post–not this one)

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