Poverty.Jane Review & Giveaway

“I have a driven purpose to helping families, passionately, choose the right thing for their loved ones and for our planet.” ~Poverty.Jane

Poverty.Jane offers a wide array of interesting, useful, and carefully planned out products for the naturally inclined family. When viewing her items, one can tell that the creator is an artist by the way her items are crafted with vibrant colors and prints, comforting textures, and documented by beautiful photography. Her personal blog is worth checking out for even just the photographs she posts! Everything she does is impacted by her personal philosophies about using natural materials, providing safe diapers and clothing for little people, and protecting the environment by selecting materials that are safe and reduce waste.
All of Poverty.Jane’s diapers are made without the use of PUL. Why? Here’s what she has to say:

“Not only are PULs the product of a petrochemical and not to mention non renewable, they contain a chemical compound known as Isocyanates (-NCO). Isocyanates(-NCO,) has been scientifically researched by the United State Department of Labor, stating that health effects from polyurethane products include “irritation of skin and mucous membranes, chest tightness, difficult breathing…compounds classified as potential human carcinogens and known to cause caner in animals. The main effect are occupational asthma and other lung problems, as well as irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin.” Not to mention other disputes about PUL covers and disposable diapers locking in high temperatures within a babies diaper, resulting in reproductive damage. “

We had the privilege to test quite a few items from Poverty.Jane. She first mailed us a pair of wool shorties, vegan shorties, and a one-size all-in-two bamboo valour diaper (pictured here). What a treat it was! We’d never used true shorties before and I was really happy with how easy everything was to pull on, how soft the materials were against my daughter’s skin, and with how they really did do a pretty good job of containing liquids. Once I felt the diaper, I fell in love with bamboo valour. Seriously, I want my own underwear to be made out of this stuff. It is so stinkin’ soft and amazing! Poverty.Jane uses a lot of bamboo in her creations. She has a lot of information on the benefits of that too, which I’ll be posting about shortly (yeah, she deserves a few posts).

Poverty.Jane is able to make an All-In-Two diaper (without the snaps in the insert–as she said, who wants a snap digging into your skin when you’re sitting?!) without the use of PUL by using nine layers in her One Size diapers (the newer diapers–check the description to see how many layers the diaper you order has). Five layers are found in the diaper and four in the insert, providing a lot of absorption but still remaining pretty slim considering all of the layers! I love the looks of her diapers, and was like a kid on Christmas when I got to open a second package from Poverty.Jane containing a new and improved AI2 One-Size diaper along with another pair of shorties and bamboo wipes (and a package of family cloth, but that’s another review…)!
The new diaper we got to review (shown in this post) is even better than the first. She’s put more elastic in her diapers, making it easy to bring the wings around to the front of the diaper for snapping. The workmanship is still fabulous and I have no doubt about these diapers and snaps holding up for the long haul. I found that the crotch area is wider than a lot of diapers, but I actually like this because it assures me that it really will fit my daughter as she gets bigger. The first time we used the diaper without a cover, we did have a leak, but that issue has been resolved with a few washings and dryings (bamboo reaches its full absorbency after a few washings). I never thought we’d find a diaper that contained wetness without the use of PUL! I kind of want to switch to all natural diapers now…

Really, I can’t recommend Poverty.Jane enough, and a lot of it is because of the passion she puts into her products, way of life, and Etsy store. She is generous, personal, and dedicated to your happiness with her products. Please check out her store and marvel in the beautiful items that she creates (it’s not all diapers…)!

Buy It! I think I already convinced you, but be sure to check out her store if you aren’t positive yet.

Win It! Poverty.Jane is giving one of my readers an entire cloth diapering package for FREE. In it is a One Size AI2 bamboo diaper, a small pack of bamboo wipes, and a 100% wool cover lanolized and ready to go. The value of this is over $50.00! To enter, you’ll need to visit Poverty.Jane’s site and pick your favorite item(s) and tell me one thing that you learned either from her Etsy Shop or Blog. Yeah, I know, it’s some work…but you’re making out like a bandit with the prize! Contest will end August 7 at 1530 hours. Leave an email address and separate comment for each entry.

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106 thoughts on “Poverty.Jane Review & Giveaway

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  1. An article I found interesting is the Household Pests Solved Organically from her site! I may try a few of them! I also like the Organic Bamboo Velour Diaper, the green one with raspberries on it! Too Cute! Thank you for the chance!


  2. I subscribe to your blog 🙂

    I learned something that I think is very valuable!!

    Clamping a newborn's umbilical cord too soon can not only cause oxygen deprivation, but can also help to explain the rise in autism, mental retardation, and cerebal palsy! Scary stuff!!!

    I want one of her all in one bamboo velour one size diapers, and I LOVE the one that is pale pink, with black birds all over it! 🙂

    iammyownfriend at hotmail dot com


  3. Wow, what an awesome shop! From visiting her shop, I learned that because there are so many absorbent layers in her diapers, you really don't need a cover. For that reason and the fact she has so many awesome prints, I'd like to try one of her fitted diapers. And/or some of those cute reversible shoes!


  4. Ok, one thing I learned on her blog has nothing to do with cloth diapers, but the recipe for coconut-carob pancakes sounds really tasty!
    I love all of the vintage prints on the bamboo diapers. My son is a heavy wetter and bamboo has proved to work the best, espcially over night.


  5. i LOVE the reversible baby booties – so tiny and precious! Let's see, what I learned – all the health effects associated with PUL. I had no idea and feel now like I need to do some more research on this.



  6. This was a big shocker:

    In the USA it is illegal to put human feces in the municipal garbage system. That's right, if you put a poop-filled disposable diaper in your trash, you are breaking the law! Who knew this? And guess what, it says that right on the diaper packaging. Okay, so I've mostly been a cloth diaperer, but still, this came as a huge shock when I found out. So yes, even when using a disposable diaper you are legally obliged to scoop your poop into the toilet before putting it in the trash can. So why not just use cloth if you have to do most of the work with a disposable anyway?

    Seriously? How many people do that everyday without even knowing!

    And I like the Woolie Mattress Cover.



  7. My favorite item at Poverty.Jane's store is the organic bamboo velour one-size diaper. While at her store I learned that isocyanates can cause lots of health problems including cancer.



  8. oh my her diapers are gorgeous!! My fave fabric is the turquoise with pink flowers. I also love all of the sweet wool shorties.
    I learned that bamboo fibers has excellent wicking properties- so these diapers keep baby drier.


  9. Bamboo also has many antibacterial qualities, which bamboo fabric is apparently able to retain, even through multiple washings. This helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and cause unpleasant odors. It can also kill odor causing bacteria that live on human skin, making the wearer and his or her clothing smell more sweet. In addition, bamboo fabric has insulating properties and will keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

    I like the green with strawberries organic velour diaper.


  10. I really love the Beatrix Potter library bag! I learned that you are obligated to dump the poop from even a disposable diaper into the toilet to avoid breaking laws about human feces in the municipal waste system! Very interesting!


  11. The link to her Etsy shop is not working currently. I didn't know PUL was bad either. Hmm I'll have to rethink about those diapers that use it.

    I learned that Queen Ann's Lace is a great kidney booster. It's also called wild carrots.


  12. I learned that the bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial — better for babies! Therefore, my favorite item is the Organic Bamboo velour one-size diaper.


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