10 Random Thoughts

Sometimes the thoughts in my head just need to get out…

1) Only a few more days before I’m going to start an awesome giveaway for a Cloth Diapering Package from Poverty Jane! Included will be a fabulous one size diaper with insert, wool cover, and bamboo wipes! You will love. Keep watching.

2) What’s “BlogHer?” I’ve seen a lot of mentionings on other Blogs but have no idea what it really is…

3) I cried when I had to leave my daughter to go to work yesterday. I thought this was supposed to get easier?

4) Is it possible to start ovulating after giving birth, only to have it stop again while you’re still breastfeeding (not due to pregnancy)?

5) My biggest Blog-Events in the works are: a “green cleaning” series with a lot of great products to highlight and giveaway to my readers, and a “fun in the sun” event with tons of very important information and, of course, giveaways that will be very helpful in your life.

6) I’m sitting in an office with no windows right now. I sit here five days a week. I’m pale.

7) Am I going to make it through Excellsior’s RN program or not? It’s so annoying that I have a Bachelor degree but can’t make enough money with it, so I have to go back for an Associate degree. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll finish before baby #2 decides to come around.

8) In case you’re wondering, the reason that I sometimes go a few days without a Blog post and then catch up is because I don’t have Internet access at home–only at work! I can really only Blog on my breaks, so it makes things difficult sometimes. Stay with me, I’m always coming up with great ideas for my posts, even if I can’t post them right away.

9) Isn’t it nice that we have the ability to live?

10) I’m having lunch with my husband today and am really excited. It doesn’t happen often. 😀

2 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts

Add yours

  1. 1. Woohoo!
    2. It's a way to make money on your blog… I don't know the details.
    3. So sorry Rachel. 😦 Unfortunately for some people that are a bit more sensitive to their babies (or attached if you will) I have a sneaking suspicion that it may not ever be “easy”.
    4. Absolutely.
    5. woohooo again!
    6. I hear you guys wanted to put in an “ice cream window” to help get a little light! 😉
    7. I totally feel your pain on the BA=no money.
    8. We have very minimal internet access (it's akin to dial up) because it's much more inexpensive. We also have very minimal cable for the same reason (15 channels for $9)
    9. Yes indeed!
    10. I saw mine on his lunch break for a few minutes. Lovely! Have a nice time!


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