Organic Coconut Bliss Review & Giveaway

Did you know that July is national ice cream month? Luna and Larry of Organic Coconut Bliss understand that even people who can’t or won’t eat dairy products love ice cream, using this knowledge as the fuel for creating their company. They say, “we just wanted a tasty frozen dessert that we could enjoy eating without feeling bad afterwards” about their motivation for starting Organic Coconut Bliss. Since that time, their frozen desert brand has climbed to now be named as the #1 item on VT’s Veg 25 hot list for 2009 and is said to be not only healthy, but delicious as well.
Coconut Bliss is:
  • made from a base of naturally rich coconut milk
  • sweetened with agave syrup
  • certified organic
  • 100% vegan kosher pareve
  • and made with certified fair trade ingredients

WOW! Eleven different flavors and two different types of bars make up the palette for Organic Coconut Bliss. All of the ingredients, nutritional information, and product descriptions are available online at their website so you can research before you buy. There’s also a wonderful and informative FAQ section on their site that answer a lot of questions including if this product is safe for people with diabetes, allergies and their product, the manufacturing, and gathering of ingredients…as well as a bunch of other stuff! One question came up about their “fair trade” claim. Here’s what they have to say:

“We are committed to fair trade principles and have secured certified fair trade sources for our vanilla, cocoa, dark chocolate, and coffee. Many ingredients are not yet available with fair trade certification, including coconut milk and agave syrup. We have visited the coconut farm in Thailand as well as the facility where it’s made into coconut milk and we are very impressed with the quality and sanitation standards of the facilities, the integrity of the owners, and the working conditions there. We hope to visit the agave supplier in Mexico soon to personally assess the conditions there as well. We are excited to be using some locally grown ingredients: our organic hazelnuts are grown right here in Oregon, and our cherries come from our neighboring state of Washington.”

I’m very excited that Luna and Larry agreed to let me represent them during National Ice Cream Month. They sent me 3 coupons each good for a pint of Coconut Bliss, and I would have posted this Blog about them sooner but the stores near me that claimed over the Internet to carry Coconut Bliss actually don’! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test Coconut Bliss because of this. Now if you have the same problem, don’t worry–you can actually order their products online and they can be shipped to you through Diamond Organics. Unfortunately, nowhere can I find that you can use the coupons for free pints at Diamond Organics. Otherwise, I’d be eating Coconut Bliss right now…obviously.

In the spirit of blessing others, I’m going to pass my coupons on to 3 readers. That’s right–I’m picking three winners! To win a coupon for a free pint of Organic Coconut Bliss, just head over to their website and tell me 1) What flavor you want, and 2) Where you can really buy it at. Please don’t enter unless you can actually get your hands on a pint! This contest is only open to US mail addresses and will end August 9th at 2359 hours, EST. Remember to include an email address and separate comment for each entry.
Earn additional entries by:
*Blogging about this post
*Sharing your own experience with Organic Coconut Bliss
*Sporting my buttons
*Subscribing to or following me
*Otherwise telling the world about my blog and/or this post!

23 thoughts on “Organic Coconut Bliss Review & Giveaway

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  1. Hi! I love your blog and your husband Ron's artwork is amazing. I used to eat Coconut Bliss, but that was before I tried Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. I think it's so much richer and creamier, and I like that it doesn't leave an odd aftertaste. If you like Coconut Bliss, I think you'll love Purely Decadent.


  2. MMMMM!!! At 99 degrees today and expecting over 100 the next couple days, I could really go for some Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bliss right now. Good thing thing they sell it at my local Fred Meyer store.


  3. Oh, I am such a sucker for the Mint Galaxy flavor. And I am lucky to be able to pick it up with an easy stroll to the Kiva grocery store in Eugene, Oregon, though I first ran into this yummy treat at the Red Barn grocery store in the same town. (Am wondering if there are any outlets in So-Cal so I can get some friends hooked?)


  4. I would get the Pineapple Coconut flavor (I'm partial to fruity flavors!) and I'd buy it at my local co-op, Valley Natural Foods. Yes, they carry it as I've drooled over it before.


  5. My son and I just love thePurely Decadent Chocolate. We get it at Whole Foods in LongBeach CA. It is so good and smooth and creamy. My son has Autism and has multiple food allergies. This ice cream is heaven-sent!


  6. Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge for the win!!!

    They sell it at New Moon in Truckee and Tahoe City by my house in Lake Tahoe, CA. πŸ™‚ I see it there and I've heard from vegan friends that it's the jam….I've been too poor lately to try it just yet 😦


  7. Oh these ice creams are so good, and healthy! My acupuncturist turned me on to them. Thanks for the chance to win one. I would love to try the Cappuccino one. I recently saw it at Whole Foods Palo Alto, CA.


  8. Our family enjoys Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream, too. It's very rich and creamy like gelato. We like the Mint Chip and Chocolate flavors.


  9. It would be a tough decision for me between the dark chocolate and the pineapple coconut. Yum. I can get these at the Whole Foods on University Avenue in Madison, maybe 10 minutes from me.

    xpbloch at juno dot com


  10. My pick would be the Naked Almond Fudge – yumm! And I can buy it at the Whole Foods right here in Kansas City.



  11. I would choose yummy cappaccino! I just learned that I can buy this at the Whole Foods store in Mountain Brook Al (only about 25 min from where I live:)
    eclaireham at yahoo dot com


  12. COCONUT BLISS is the best thing to pass these lips in a long, long time. Naked Coconut with bluberries or strawberries is all I need to complete a perfect ( or NOT so perfect) day!! Kudos to Luna and Larry and the whole Coconut Bliss family. Michelle C


  13. Chocolate Peanut Butter is awesome. But I've also tried Mint Galactica and Cappuccino and they are all excellent. I bought them at both Whole Foods and Harmons Grocery Store in Utah. The price was .20 more at Whole Foods and they had more flavors there.


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