Lyanna Jean Designs Review & Giveaway

Lyanna Jean Designs is an Etsy store that sells a variety of neat things for babies and adults as well as things useful for sewing. The owner and creator, Lyanna, sent us a pair of pretty black leg warmers to try out. They’re made of a woven black fabric, creating an intricate pattern of fiber and space decorated by delicate pink flower buds. Amara’s worn them quite a few times with everything from a pink diaper to shorts and dresses. They have kept her both warm and fashionable while providing padding to her knees as she avidly crawls everywhere.

Elastic is found only on the top of the leg warmers, so I advise everyone to look for that to know which way they go on before you try to put them on. I didn’t do so and put them on upside down the first time, causing the ankle part to stretch out a little bit (yeah, we’ve got some chubby thighs here). With the elastic on up at the thigh, these stay on well and are great as far as leg or arm warmers go. Not only are they cushiony, but they’re nice to look at and we often get compliments when she wears them in public. Now if only Lyanna Jean Designs would make a pair in adult sizes… 😉

Lyanna also makes a handful of other nice products, including diaper pail liners—and she’s giving one away for free! We love having a diaper pail liner and use it for every single washing ever since Amara was born. They are a MUST for putting into your diaper pail when using cloth diapers. It makes transporting to and from the washing machine a breeze, helps control odors, and keeps everything clean since you can just throw it in the wash with the diaper load.

She describes the pail liner better than I could, so here ya go from her own Etsy shop:

This liner is a product of my not being satisfied with the ones already on the market. The one pictured in a pail is actually mine, enlisted in my “set up” (a $7 Wal-Mart trash can, 34 Qt sized). I didn’t want to put one I would sell in my pail, even though I clean it quite regularly (I hope you understand). But, the one hanging IS the one for sale (they are identical…).

The fabric is 2 mil PUL, white. The liner measures 54 inches around and about 28 inches high. It fits into pails/wastebaskets designed to hold 13 Gallon trash bags. The opening has 3/4 inch elastic sewn within a casing with a decorative wavey stitch. The seams down the side are double-stitched. The bottom corners are sewn so that the base makes a rectangle and will sit flat in the base of your pail.

There are 2 handles on either side of the top, each measuring about 9 inches in total length. It is ideal for hanging on a doorknob, over-the-door hook, or even for sheer convenience to carry when heading to the wash.

To win the diaper pail liner, you must visit Lyanna Jean Design’s shop and tell me which item she has that you like most and why. Be sure to leave an email address in every comment and a separate comment for every entry. Contest will end August 7th at 1530 hours, EST.

Earn additional entries by:
*Telling me one item that you’d like to see Lyanna create (I’m convinced that the woman can make anything with fabric–just check out her Blog!)
*Joining Lyanna’s newsletter list by sending an email to lyannajeandesigns [at]
*Blogging about this contest
*sporting my buttons

Good luck and be blessed!

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