Permanent Water-Guard Review & Giveaway

*NOTE: the original post, entitled “Silicone Water-Guard Review & Giveaway mistakenly identified the object for review/giveaway as the Silicone Water-Guard when it should have been for the Permanent Water-Guard. Corrections were made on 8/05/09.*

Let’s be honest: sometimes, even when diapers are stripped, they still leak. We’ve had this problem with used FuzziBunz that we’ve bought offline in particular. I can’t rag on the FuzziBunz company for this since I have no idea how the diapers were previously cared for. The fact remains though. They leak.

I’m sure that many other parents out there have experienced the same phenomenon, and so you’ll be quite excited about what I’m going to tell you next: there is a solution. You know Atsko, the company that makes Sensi-Clean? Well, they also make Permanent Water-Guard. The concept is pretty simple:

It comes in a spray can. You clean whatever you need to waterproof. You spray the spray on whatever needs to be waterproofed. You let dry. The item is now waterproof. The end.

Permanent Water Guard comes in two different types–a 17 fl. oz. Trigger Spray for “natural obsorbent materials” (cotton, wool, down, etc.) and a 10 oz Aersol spray (this is the one I tested) for “synthetic materials and blends” (polyester, micrfibers, fleece, waterproof breathables, etc.).

Here’s what Atsko says about their Permanent Water-Guard:

Permanent Water-Guard is a solvent free, water-based fluorocarbon polymer water and stain repellent. It dries odor free and without U-V brighteners.
Guaranteed to remain effective even after 25 washings in Sport-Wash or Sensi-Clean. This is an extraordinary claim no other product is willing to make — not even factory-applied Durable Water Repellents.

And the best news of all for us is that it re-waterproofs pocket diapers while keeping everything else the same. I love it! You don’t need to throw those old diapers out (or pass them on to an unsuspecting mama over the Internet…) any longer. Simply wash your diapers, turn them inside out, stretch them (so that it all gets coated) while you spray the “wrong side” of the PUL layer (the shiny side), and then let it dry. I did all of our diapers at one time outside on a sunny day. It worked so well that I pulled all of our old diapers out of storage (waiting for the next baby) and sprayed them before packing them up again.

The aeresol spray cost $9.15 on their website (trigger spray is $15.70) and will last a long time if you’re using it just for diapers. In fact, I think one can may last me my entire diapering career. Being an active outdoor enthusiast though, I’m pretty excited to have a quality product that I can use to re-waterproof my camping gear. There’s nothing worse then waking up in a puddle!
*Buy this product (everyone using CD’s should have Sensi-Clean and Permanent Water-Guard on hand) at Atsko’s website,

*Win it! Atsko’s giving one of my readers a can of Permanent Water-Guard for FREE. All you have to do is leave me a message and tell me that you want it! Be sure to include an email address and enter by August 7, 1530 hours, EST. Also, leave a separate comment for each entry.
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  1. Sweet. I would love to keep my diapers in top notch condition. Also, I would LOVE to waterproof my own cute fabric for making my own adorable diaper covers! (Or having my MIL, who is a fabulous diaper cover seamstress, make them for me!) Thanks for the giveaway.
    ammieloris (at) hotmail (dot) com


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