Sensi-Clean Irritation Free Detergent Review & Giveaway

You may remember the mentioning of Atsko during the Pro-Tech-Skin cream review and giveaway. They are a company dedicated to providing awesome cleaning products that leave no residue on skin, hair, or fabric, allowing for the ultimate clean experience. Cloth diaper enthusiasts will readily recognize the Atsko company in reference to their Sensi-Clean Irritation Free Detergent.

Sensi-Clean is a biodegradable laundry detergent that’s safe to use on every type of fabric including wool and down insulation. It’s been proven to rinse completely clean and thus is a great product for anyone with sensitive skin, anyone who wants to avoid excess exposure to chemicals, or anyone who launders cloth diapers.

The key is really in what Sensi-Clean doesn’t contain. Think that regular detergents don’t really leave anything behind? Atsko suggests that you test any “free & clear” soaps by shining a UV light on clothing that’s been washed in them. If it glows, then you’ve got FWA brightener dye still hanging around on your fabric. Not very good for cloth diapers! In Sensi-Clean Irritation Free Detergent, you will find no:

  • dyes
  • fragrance
  • phosphates
  • oxidizers
  • color
  • fluorescent whiteners
  • lubricants
  • bleach
  • phosphate
  • or fabric softener

There’s a lot of neat things about this product that Atsko makes. My favorite “besides the point fact” about Sensi-Clean Irritation Free Detergent is that improves the flammability properties of the fabric. Firefighter or not, I think this is pretty great.

According to a research specialist at Clemson University: “I believe that you will be able to distinguish that Sensi-Clean does indeed improve the Flammability properties of the Children’s Sleepwear samples tested. In fact, you will note that after the Seventeenth wash and dry cycle the samples did not burn nor ignite, the samples only melted with no residue. Even when the flame was held longer than the specified three (3) seconds there was still no burn, only melting.”

My personal opinion? Go out and buy some immediately! We regularly use this product now to strip any smelly and/or leaky diapers (with wonderful success) and also to keep diapers from getto to the leaky point by washing them with Sensi-Clean every month or so. It’s very reasonably priced at $12.08 for a liter bottle (34 loads–less than $.38/wash!)
Get it for free! There are two ways to do this.

#1) Call 1-800-845-2728, tell them you heard about them on Life More Simply’s blog, and ask for a free sample. They’ll send you an ounce–enough to strip an entire load of diapers!

#2) Enter this contest. Atsko’s giving one of my readers a full sized bottle of Sensi-Clean Irritation Free Detergent (34 loads) for free. Because this is such a fabulous product, you’ll need to visit their website and choose an article on the right hand side of the page. Find an interesting fact about Sensi-Clean from one of the articles, and then come back and share it with us. Include your email address in each entry or it won’t count if I pick it! Contest will end on August 7th at 1530 hours, EST.

Earn extra entries by:
– Calling Atsko and asking for a free sample (include the date on which you called in your comment)
– Blogging about this contest
– Sporting one of my buttons (one entry per button)
– Entering another one of my contests (tell me which one–leave a new comment for each entry)
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