Zinnia Flower Fitted Diaper Review & Deal

Zinnia Flower is a business owned by a Canadian lady who creates beautiful fitted diapers, wipes, and accessories. She’s authorized to create diapers using the Fattycakes pattern (only select businesses are allowed to make and sell Fattycake diapers) and also provides custom made diapers with fast shipping and pretty packaging. The owner sent me a cute fitted diaper in pink princess material with a matching doubler and wipe that we’ve found to be both adorable and of high quality. Off of Amara, the diaper looks bulky, but when we put it on her we were pleasantly surprised at how trim it is compared to a pre-fold!

Zinnia Flower’s current diapers are made using a cotton outer, an inner of drapey-soft bamboo knit, and with a hidden layer of thirsty cotton terry between the inner and outer layers. She just got in a roll of bamboo fleece and bamboo valour though, so those will soon be making an appearance(believe me, you’ll love them!). Each diaper comes with a matching insert (trim but very absorbent with at least three layers) and snaps allowing for an adjustable fit. The medium sized diaper we were sent to try has a soft textured inner layer which provides a “grabbing” sort of action which is especially nice for exclusively breastfed (EBF) babies since their poo tends to be quite runny. Thicker than a pocket diaper, it can be hard to fit pants made for disposable diapers over it, but the layers do provide a nice patting for bottoms on the go, and as I said before, this is definitely trimmer than a pre-fold.

We used this diaper with both pull-on wool shorties and a PUL snap on cover with good success. Since there are ruffles in the diaper’s design, you will need to allow for that room in the cover should you choose to use one. The diaper’s absorbency in itself is great, working even for over-nights with just the included doubler. During the day, we were able to let Amara run around without a cover as long as we changed the diaper after only one use.

There are a lot of nice things about this diaper. It’s well made, cute as all get out (hello, did you see the photos?!), easy to use, and not badly priced at $12-$13 for a small diaper at Zinnia Flower. The only thing that might hold some people back is the fact that you’ll need a cover and it’s of medium thickness. If you already enjoy fitted diapers, or are interested in trying one, I highly recommend Zinnia Flower’s! In fact, she just added a pocket diaper that I’m very curious about…and it’s in a firefighter print. Maybe it was meant to be mine? Well, my daughter’s, I mean…

When you order a diaper or something custom made (she loves doing custom orders) from Zinnia Flower, mention that you saw her on Life More Simply’s blog and she’ll include a set of cloth wipes for free! Want to know more before you buy? Visit her Blog at http://thezinniaflower.blogspot.com/.

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