Green Diaper Store

The Green Diaper Store is an Internet based retailer specializing in cloth diapers and everything related as well as items to support nursing and natural and green living. Operating for several years now, the store recently changed ownership to a dear mama named Lisa Carey. I had the pleasure of speaking with her the other day and discovered that she originally got into the business by simply helping out her friend who was the previous owner. Assisting clients at cloth diapering workshops and participating in several related projects, Lisa knew that she had no other option but to buy the store earlier this year when the owner decided to sell.

Lisa is married and has two boys, ages six and 32 months, whom she has greatly enjoyed cloth diapering. Her store reflects her experience and the practicality of cloth diapering by offering various brands of the same type of products, a savings calculator for you to see the real deal between the cost of the diapers you’re buying and disposables, and an easy form for contacting her by. She also has a Facebook page and a newsletter that one can sign up for, offering information, discounts, and interesting news about the Green Diaper Store.

The Green Diaper Store is a paid advertiser on my blog this month, and they are definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the highlights they offer:

1) A Gift Registry. This easy to use feature allows moms to go online and create a registry of any items she wants that they carry. Family and friends can then find her registry on the Green Diaper Store website to choose and purchase items from. The gifts can be shipped to either the purchaser or recipient, allowing for anyone anywhere to give exactly what the new mom wants! Since cloth diapers aren’t exactly easy to find in general stores, this feature will save a lot of expectant parents from the dilemma of receiving 12 packages of disposable diapers at their baby shower and having to write a thank-you note later.

2) Sampler Packages. What a brilliant idea! This is a necessity for first time cloth diaper-ers. Every baby’s needs and body is different, so what diaper may work great for one might not for another. The Green Diaper Store offers four different packages that allow you to try and compare three different diapers of the same type (you get to pick the colors and brand of diapers within that category). They offer sampler packages for All-In-One, Pocket, Organic, and One Size diapers.

3) A Clearance section. Maybe it’s because I’m a new college grad with a new baby, new debt, and two jobs, but I love anything that saves me money. As I write this, the clearance section contains bumGenius, FuzziBunz, and Kissaluv diapers. Did she decide to clearance these knowing that I just wrote reviews on these diapers? Probably not, but ironic none the less (a sign from God saying that He wants to bless you? Maybe!).

When you order from Green Diaper Store, mention the code “lifemoresimply” in the coupon section to receive 10% off of your order!

Thank you, Green Diaper Store, for sponsoring the Cloth Diaper Extravaganza on Life More Simply’s Blog and for offering us all of the great resources you have online!

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