Snappi Diaper Fastner Review and Giveaway

A lot of people still think of pins and rubber pants upon hearing the word “cloth diaper.” It is the pins that turn many people away from the thought of using cloth. After all, who wants to be stuck or risk sticking their little baby with a pin, right? I can certainly remember the days of trying to jam the pin through two layers of thick cloth while attempting to put a diaper on my squirming younger sister at the time (thank God my Mom usually changed her diapers so as to spare me the agonizing thought of drawing innocent blood). Gone are the days of pins! *loud cheers*
Diaper pins have since been replaced by an ingenious product affectionately called the “Snappi.” The product’s real title is the “Snappi Diaper Fastner” and was brought to the US and Canada in 2001 by the Snappi Baby company in Arizona. The concept is very simple: the Snappi is a “T” shaped piece of flexible non-toxic plastic that has a gripper (teeth) at each point of the “T” that allows it to hold onto the fabric of a cloth diaper without providing the possibility of puncturing anyone’s skin. Fun colors, reusable, and safe!
Snappi’s come in two sizes and are pretty easy to use:
Size 1 – Baby: $2.49 each Size 2 – Toddler: $3.49 each

I like these a lot better than pins. I thought the plastic would snap the first time I had to stretch it, but fear not, it stayed in one piece and managed to hold the diaper on my daughter, too. Want to try it out for yourself? The Snappi Baby company has generously donated a whole BUNCH of Snappis to me to bless my readers with! One winner will be chosen each day of July to receive 2 Snappi Diaper Fastners in the “baby” size. Want to win a set…or more? Visit their website’s store locator and let me know where you can buy a Snappi at. Come back and tell me to gain your initial entry into this contest! You may come back every day and re-enter.

Earn additional one-time entries by:

  • Blogging about this contest or the Cloth Diaper Extravaganza with a link
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Be sure to include you email address in every entry or it won’t count!

This contest will end on August 1, 2009 at 0001 hours. It is only open to people with a US mailing address, unless you are willing to pay the shipping. In fact, I’d be happy for anyone to pay for their shipping since I’ll be doing this myself…;-)

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  1. Awesome, I'm actually using these for the first time with our newborn due in a couple of weeks. I can purchase at Diaper Co, In Illinois but I usually order through Sprouting up in MO.

    mommainflipflops AT


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