Silken Tofu Alfredo Sauce Recipe and Review

In New York if you fall below a particular income level, your family may qualify to receive WIC (Women, Children and Infants). It’s a supplemental food program that gives you coupons to redeem at the grocery store or farmer’s market every month. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you make out like a bandit. The interesting thing about WIC, though, is the number of food items in a category that they choose to give to you. We’re talking 22 gallons of milk a month, but only $10.00 worth of fruits or vegetables. One can trade a percentage of the milk in for cheese and tofu as well as dried or canned milk, so I do all of that to make the milk allotment more manageable. I still end up with a large stock of canned tuna, peanut butter, and beans…and end up giving away the 32 cans of meat baby food since we’re raising our daughter as a vegetarian right now, but at least we don’t have gallons of milk going bad every month now!

The substitution of milk for tofu is something that just began within the last few months. At first, I wondered about not taking advantage of it, but then figured why not? I was a little weirded out at the thought of tofu in the beginning (stories of rubbery chunks in a frying pan danced in my head) but am very glad I went this route now. There are two main types of tofu that I’ve found, each sold in 16oz containers: silken (creamy, custard like texture), and firm (the chunking variety). The package says to use within three days of opening, and I’ve found it to be true. Very true. It will look and smell fine, but taste terrible. Don’t risk it.
These are the things that I love about tofu:
  1. excellent source of protein..and without the extra fat!
  2. the health benefits
  3. the EASE of working with it

Think I’m joking? Try this recipe for a delicious rendition of a garlic alfredo sauce and be amazed at how much faster and easier it is to make this way as opposed to standing over a stove and stirring milk forever. Even my husband who is a die-hard “I’m-not-a-vegetarian-so-I-can’t-eat-soy” guy admits that this tastes good. Being a working mom, I can’t afford any extra time in the kitchen. Tofu is a life saver of time.

Silken Tofu Garlic Alfredo Sauce
Mince 3 garlic cloves and saute with a hint of olive oil or 2T butter until tender.

Mix the garlic/oil and everything else in a blender or food processor until smooth (hint: always put the most liquid ingredients on the bottom of the blender, working up to the firmest):

1/2 cup milk (I use evaporated)
16 oz silken tofu
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Pepper and salt to taste

Heat to your desired temperature (be sure to stir occasionally) and it’s ready to serve! Garnish with more cheese and fresh parsley for a nice touch. I often serve it with a colorful salad, providing aesthetic pleasure as well as more nutrition and yumminess.

What recipe do you have that’s a time saver? Please share with me!

3 thoughts on “Silken Tofu Alfredo Sauce Recipe and Review

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  1. B and I eat lots of tofu. This looks good! You can also use the silken tofu to make chocolate mousse. Yum!
    We've been making tofu parm pretty often lately. I wouldn't say it's super healthy since we still coat it in bread crumbs and pan-fry it, but it is tasty. It's definitely quicker than a chicken parm and I prefer it since chicken skeeves me out.


  2. did you know milk can be frozen in the freezer for up to 6 months, I use to that before so it would'nt spoil. I don't drink milk often so not a problem anymore. We drink rice milk and soy.


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