Tips for Moving

You may have been wondering with great anticipation when you were going to see a blog post from me again. While my brain has been busy composing interesting ideas and topics for you, my hands have been busy packing to move instead of busy typing. We’re talking T-3 days here! I’ve learned a thing or two during our last four moves (this will be our fifth within three years!), so here are some…

Tips for Moving a Little More Simply

  1. Make a lot of friends before you move. Many hands make light work.
  2. Recycle boxes for packing by getting the leftovers from a grocery or retail store (just ask).
  3. Use as many of boxes of the same size as possible. This will make fitting them all in a vehicle a lot more like stacking and a lot less like Tetris.
  4. Stay away from huge boxes. They have a higher likelyhood of destruction.
  5. Use towels and other linens to wrap breakable items. This saves paper and kills two birds with one stone.
  6. Write the contents of a box with a permenent marker before taping the box. It’s hard to write on clear tape!
  7. When possible, fold the tops of boxes so that they won’t open instead of using tape to close them. This will equal less time and less waste.
  8. Make food for your friends. You’ll want to keep them happy, after all. Buying a pizza is the easiest option, but if you’re wanting to get away from that then try preparing food before the day of the move. Keep it simple–crock pot items, frozen to oven items, and finger food. I made and froze a three-bean (sweet and sour) casserole two weeks ago that will be great in the crockpot on moving day. We’ll also have chicken fingers to toss into the oven and some premade BBQ sauce for them. I’m hoping to make cookies or brownies for desert, and have another salad made by my Mom that day. Drinks? Pre-mixed and in a cooler!
  9. For boxes that will have liquid items (i.e. shampoo, soap, etc.), cut open a garbage bag and use it as a liner for the box.
  10. Pre-sort loose items into shopping bags (reusing!) for easier unpacking (I put bath toys in one, socks in another, etc.).
  11. Throw clothes into bags instead of boxes.
  12. Give away whatever you can! Freecycle, Craigslist, word of mouth, signs hung around your dog’s neck while you walk him…
  13. Whatever you can’t give away, upcycle it into something new for your new home.
  14. If all else fails, just get rid of things. Simpler is better when moving.
  15. Take a vacation day from work to pack. Really, less stress is better.
  16. Write which room you want a box to go to ON the box in plain view. Then you don’t have to direct everyone who’s bringing boxes into your new house!
  17. Use vehicles that you already have for transporting things. If you need to rent a truck, check online for discounts and coupons.
  18. Have tarps on hand for rain!

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