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  1. You’ll need to visit the actual page for that giveaway (hurry! The HypnoBirthing giveaway ends this week!). If you go up on this page to the “current givewaways” section, you can click on the text that says “HypnoBirthing Package givewaway” and it will take you to the page. Email me with any further problems at LifeMoreSimply at yahoo dot com. Good luck!


  2. Where do you announce your winners – I need to make sure I am paying attention and all bloggers do it differently.


  3. I email the winner. If he or she hasn't responded to me within 72 hours of me sending the email, a different winner is chosen. I will often put the winning entry # as a comment on that blog post. Thanks for asking!


  4. I use http://www.Random.org to choose the winner! After the random number generator gives me a number, I check out that person's entry to make sure it's valid (email address, they actually did what they were supposed to, etc.) and then I send them an email. If it's ending on a week day, I give the winner 48 hours to send me their shipping information. If it's a weekend, I give them 72 hours. Once I have that information, I send it on to the sponsoring company.

    I don't publish the winners on my blog. *cringe*. I know that's a general rule of thumb to follow, but honestly, I need to save time any where I can in order to bring this blog to life every day! Should anyone ever wonder about winners though, I'd be happy to answer any emails about what number was drawn for any particular contest!

    Good question, thanks for asking.


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